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An ExpandedMap of the Human Brain...Reseaa;r​sMALL bUSINESSES AND ​​​​
*** What Are The Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation...It can endanger drivers; Impair judgment; May cause varied troubles due to pain tolerance; can cause restless leg syndrome, sleep apena, divide sleep periods into shorter periods. Also see: wide awake. A guide to insomnia--verywell.com 3015080 by Dr. Brandon Peters, 4/12/16.

*** Here's How Much TV Watching Increases Your Risk of Early Deaths...A new study in the American Journal of Prevention has found that those who watched 3-4 hours of TV were 15% more to die during the 14-year period which they were being studied. Inactivity is bad for the immune system and a lot of TV generally means not much socializing which is important to overall health--verywelltoday.com, 5/17/16.

*** Talented Seniors: Enter Your Best Writing...Ageless Authors, the first publishing project for writers and artiswts 65+, is now accepting submissions for their first nationwide writing and art contest through August 15, 2016. Contestmants may submit short stories, essays, line drawings, poetry and cartoons, with a $15 entry fee charge. Cash prizes will be awarded in each category from #100 to $25.--For more info, email infoAagelessauthors.com or call Blvona at 972-671-0002.

*** What Not To Say to a Loved One Who Just Won't Exercise...Ask, Did you do your workout today?; You would look so much better i you exercised; So, that's your idea of a workout? Huh; 

*** Recognizing Depression in Elders...Estimated 15% of older Americans are concerned, and 20% of those in nursing homes are reported by author Jennifer Buckley, and most are not
 diagnosed. Depression symptoms sometimes include mental cloudiness or confusion. The loss of loved ones can cause loss of appetite, sleep impairment, self-pity and lethargy. National Mental Health Association offers an online depression screening test (depression-screening.org)--today'scaregiver.com, issue 889, 2/9/16.

*** How Hospice Rules Have Changed This Year...The final rule in regard to how CMS has changed from its inception in 1983 in that it stipulates a two-third system where providers are paid a higher rate during the first 60 days of given a services add-on payment for the last week of care when the level of treatment usually intensifies. Many families are unaware of available end-of-life care payments for terminally-ill patients--More info from National Hospice and Pallative Care Organization or Foundation for End-of-Life Organization, 2//16

*** When You Want To Retire But A Parent Needs Assisted Living...You shouldn't want to sacrifice your own finances to pay for their assisted living. Here are some typical sources of retirement income: Social Security; Savings or retirement accounts; Pensions; Home equity; Long-term care insurance; Investments (401ks and others) and Medicaid...aplaceformom.com article by Dana Larsen, posted 1/29/16.  

*** Strengthening Supports for Low-Income Older Adults and Family Caregivers...According to this article, one of nearly 35 million Americans provide unpaid care to an adult 50+. It's a challenge for families without resources. Read this article to see what solutions are being offered to help--Written by Fay Gordon & Vanessa Barrington (with the support of The Albert & Elaine Borchard Center on Aging) as a special report on justiceinaging.org, February 2016, Advocacy Starts At Home.

*** New Heart Disease Articles...Paroxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea; Angina & What It Means; Preventing Heart Failure After a Heart Attack; Secret Cardiology on Facebook"--about.com.heartdisease, 2/8/16.

*** New Dementia-Related & Alzheimer's Articles...Covers these headlines: Do Mood Stabilizers Help Reduce Agitation in Dementia?; In Sickness and in Health-Caring for a Spouse With Dementia; 13 Ways to Reduce Stigma and Empowers People With Dementia; Try These Types of Mnemonics To Improve Your Memory; Right or Wrong: Ethical Dilemmas in Alzheimer's Disease--about.com.alzheimer's&Dementia, 2/8/16.

*** Approaching the Topic of Paying for Senior Care Early...Talk about it early & openly: Get sign-off from your parents early; Catalog and organize as much as you can; Find out their advisors, attorneys, accountants, etc.; Have regular conversation with your parents; Set short term, intermediate and long-term goals; Remember many Americans are going through the same thing--aplaceformom.com article by Cindy Smith, 1/29/16.

*** How Does Your Elderly Parent Function?...If they are having trouble with everyday living and responsibilities, you need to address the problems you're noticing with such problems as dehydration, infection, medications and stroke can all cause changes in brain function and behavior. It's a good time to find out the the reason for memory problems and get prepared rather than wait for a crisis--aplaceformom. com, 1/25/16.

*** Do You Think Medicare Was Free?...Baby boomers (57%) have a poor understanding of it, according to a Bankers Life survey Three quarters (75%) did not know that seniors (when they turn 65 coverage begins for them) pay premiums, co-pays, and deductibles. One in seven thought Medicare was free. Only 14% knew that it did not cover long-term care--Reported in Medicareandmore, edition 26, written by Duke, Richard, 2/2/16.

*** Ways Elderly Hide Dementia Symptoms...
Quite common with those having cognitive diseases. Here are some of the symptoms they hide: Refusing to participate in an activity they once loved; Covering up problems; Being in denial of their own cognitive impairment; Keeping it secret for fear of being put into a home; having ansognosia...aplaceformom.com, 1/25/16 article by Dana Larsen.

*** Medicare & Obesity Programs... (A corrected version of a 1/20/16 news release): 71% believe Medicare should invest in programs to reduce obesity rate; 87% believe there is a problem in their state; 65% believe Medicare should expand coverage of prescription obesity medicines;
77% were unaware that federal laws specifically prohibits Medicare from covering costs;
69% were unaware that the FDA has found current obesity prescriptions are safe and effective in treating obesity--The Gerontology Society of America. More info from Todd Kluss at

*** Don't Talk Money With Your Honey...It's not all that romantic says a study by Fidelity Investments of 1,057 couples with minimum of $7500-100,000 in investable assets. Conducted by GfK's Public Affairs & Corporate Communications division in April 2015--For more info, call 1-617-563-5800 or visit fidelity.com/about, 2/2/16.

*** February is "American Heart Month"..Here are some recent headlines & stories that might be of interest to you: High Cholesterol: Are You at Risk?; Changing Your Lifestyle to Control Your Lipids; Smoking effects and your Cholesterol;
Six Ways to Prevent High Cholesterol--about.com.cholesterol, 2/3/16.

*** New Online Free Social Security Account...You can avoid going to a S/S office and waiting in line with a mySocialSecurity account--socialsecurity.gov/myaccount, 2/2/16.

*** NIH Launches Public Health Campaign on Link Between Hypertension and Brain Health...Mind Your Risks raises awareness of the link between high blood pressure and cognitive impairment--For more info: mindyourrisk.nih.gov or call 1-301-496-5924 (Marian Emr or Margo Warren) ,  2/1/15.

*** Heart Disease Reports...The Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction; Arrhythmogenic right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy; The AV Node and Its Significance; Is Red Yeast Rice Effective for Cholesterol?; Secret Cardiology on Facebook--about.com.heartdisease, 2/1/16.

*** Investment Strategies As Retirement Nears...It changes as you near, from one financial advisor. Called "Sleep Well at Night" (SWAN), Michael Ladin's wealth and income preservation plan strategies include: What will happen if the market goes up; if it goes through a correction; will I run out of money if I live a long time; what happens if my spouse dies prematurely; and what's going to happen if I need long-term care or home health care--Visit Michael@ladinfinancialgroup. com, or call 1-305-444-4898, 1/31/16.

*** Baby Boomers' Concerns About Moving An Aged Loved One to a Senior Community...Holiday Retirement survey found these concerns: Having a tough conversation; Choosing the right senior living option; Alleviating guilty feelings; Making the move to senior living count--huffingtonpost.com  article on 1/28/16 by Jamison Gosselin (Also includes other interesting subjects: The sustaining knock on the door; Serious questions to plan your future; How to keep tabs on an elderly parent with video monitoring, and more.)

~~~ Free Elder Care...Elder Helpers volunteers are willing to help with carrying groceries, run errands, give rides, entertain, help with phone calls, writing letters and reading, help with cleaning and cooking. There are said to be 10,000 volunteers who want to give back to the community or to help elders--Contact elderhelpers.org for help or volunteering.

*** Fake Social Security eMail...Subject line says "Get Protected"and the eMail talks about new SSA features that can help taxpayers monitor their credit reports and know about unauthorized use of their S/S numbers.  It's a phishing eMail to get you to click on a scammer link to help them install malware-the viruses & spyware-on your computer--Posted 1/27/16 by Amy Herbert, Consumer Education Specialist FTC. (Editor's Note: Would advise to check with the FTC or S/S about the authenticity of this report).

*** Senior Living Newsletter...Headlines for included stories: Senior Care Types Explained; How to Claim Caregiver Tax Deductions; Dealing with Dementia Behavior Problems; Free Living Planning Guide; Guide to U.S. Veteran Benefits--aplaceformom,com.

*** U.S. Overlooks Topical Treatment of Pain Instead of Taking Pills...Consumers can use this method instead of using pills, says holistic Dr. Sylvia Hesse of NYC. The FDA approved the first OTC topical NSAID (solanpas.us) that can be used to treat both mild and moderate back, joint and muscle pain--To learn more about this pain-relieving treatment patch, plus a FREE sample, solanpassamples.com  manufactured by Hisamitsa America, 1/26/16.

*** Heart Disease, Related Factors, May Increase Risk of Early Death for Dementia Patients...Men were at higher risk than women, according to review findings of 12 studies with over 305,000 participants. Dr. Irene van de Vorst, lead author of the Journal of the American Geriatrics study, said "The findings might be supportive concerning advance care planning for elderly dementia individuals...Heart Disease Weekly, 1/31/16. 

*** Arthritis & Joint Conditions...Here's a headline review of recent articles connected with various aspects of this health problem: Gold for Rheumatoid arthritis-Is it still used?; What is viscosupplementation?; Early aggressive rheumatoid arthritis treatment; Mobility aids-What people with arthritis need to know; Fibromyalgia Screening quiz--about.com. Arthritis & Joint, 1/27/16 by Carol Eustice.

*** Recent Stories About Depression...
Consider these headlines to help you increase your knowledge about this subject: What is "Prozac Poop-Out?"; What does "Not otherwise specified (NOS)" mean?"; What is a provisional diagnosis vs a differential diagnosis?; How to taper off your antidepressant--about.com.depression article by Nancy Schimelpfening, 1/27/16.

*** Functional Mobility and Balance Outcome Measurements...They can be used to help set goals, to make prognosis, and to direct physical therapy treatments. Other tests include the functional reach; The six minute walk; The tinetti balance and gait evaluation; The Berg balance scale--Visit physical therapy.about.com article by Bfett Sears, update 1/15/16 (Teaching Progress in Physical Therapy). 

*** Macular Degeneration Patients See Wisdom of Seeing Two Types of Doctors...Marks a shift in best practices for treating this vision-robbing disease. To locate qualified low-vision optometrist go to ialvs.com or call 1-888-778-2030--See complete article by Richard Shulcliner, O.D. at 1-888-610-2020 or contact Tracy LeRoux at 1-800-291-0530, 1/20/16.

​*** eNewsletter Links Google Calendar & Event Pages...A recently published site with loads of basic information for seniors (not the up-to-date 3X-a-week SNW.com we publish)--Visit Senioreresourcesguide.com or ssrginfo@seniorresource.guide.com, 1/25/16.

*** Articles Concerning Alzheimer's...This "what's New" report covers new articles about the disease: 1) How your touch can make a difference for people with dementia; 2) Why families may choose not to give antibiotics in late dementia patients; 3) Did the doctor say you have mild cognitive impairment?; 4) Mental exercise: fun ways to stretch your brain; 5) Try this tasty fat to reduce your dementia risk;
6) How to talk to someone with dementia about quitting driving; 7) Do you know these less less-common symptoms of Lewy Body dementia?--about.com.alzheimer's by Esther Heerema, sent 1/25/16.

*** Hypothermia & Older Adults...Tips for staying safe in cold weather: When going outside in cold weather wear a hat, scarf and gloves or mittens; Wear several layers of loose clothing to help trap warm air between the layers; Check with your doctor to see if prescription or OTC medications may increase the risk; Keep house temp at 68 degrees; Wear long underwear along with socks and slippers; Use a blanket or afghan to keep legs and shoulders warm and wear a cap indoors--NIA.gov or call 1-800-222-2225 for more info and free government services, 1/25/16.

*** What You Need to Know About Atherosclerois...It's a chronic, progressive disease in which plaques build up in the walls of arteries and can plug up blood flow, and causes more deaths and disabilities than any other disease. To control it eat a healthy diet, get plenty of exercise, keep your weight at an acceptable level, no smoking, and making sure your blood level is in a good range--heartdisease.about.com article by Dr. Richard Fogoros, 1/25/16.

​*** Seniors and Their Savings Bonds...Almost 50 million Americans, and a majority of seniors, own U.S. Savings Bonds (Series A-D, E, EE, I, H and HH), and probably don't know exactly what they are worth. You can use SavingsBonds.com VIP membership to learn more about them and more--Story by Jackie Brahney (jbrahney@savingsonds.com or savingsbondsgal complimentary calculator, 1/20/16

*** SeniorSpirit January Report...Features these stories: Delirium a Serious Threat for Older Hospital Patients; Looking for medical bargains (medical tourism); Don't Fall in Love With a Romance Scammer; Let an Online Manager Protect Your Passwords; Teens introduce Seniors to the Internet; Famous and age 65 (celebrities due this month)...Information@csa.us, 1/20/16.

*** New Healthy Bathroom Squat Solution...
TURBO has just launched a bathroom device that relaxes the intestinal kink (caused by sitting) which allows for optimal release by adding foot stimulation on the pressure points of the feet that gets things moving. Allows users to comfortably squat on the pot and enjoy a stimulating foot massage which helps trigger a healthy bowel movement--For more info, contact Scott Ledingham at 613-806-7135, 1/21/16.

*** Latest Report on Internet & E-mail Scams to Avoid...1) The Nigerian 419 Scam; 2) Advance fees paid for a guaranteed loan or credit cards; 3) Lottery scams; 4) Phishing e-mails and phony web pages; 5) Items for sale overpayment scam; 6) Employment search overpayment scam;
7) Disaster relief scams; 8) Travel scams;
9) "Make Money Fast: chain emails; 10) "Turn your computer into a money-making machine--by Paul Gil, notforbeginners.about.com., 1/24/16.

EDITOR'S NOTE: See article in right column about Senior's rights to copies of their medical records from doctors and hospitals.

*** Is Food the Answer to Help Solve Life's Senior Problems?...Now there's a meal sampling app available called "Silver Cuisine." Sponsored by bistrolMD and AARP, meal delivery service is said to bring healthy meals to active senior's doors which include ones for those with dietary restrictions. A complimentary trial period is available to try it out, plus get the usual 10% AARP discount--More details, visit silvercuisine.com, 1/15/16.

*** Best Exercises for Seniors...Issued by the National Institutes of Health, here's what is covered: Strength exercises; Balance exercises; Stretching exercises; and Endurance exercises--Seniorliving.about.com article by Sharon O/Brien on 12/16/15 (Related articles shown include: The Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults; Physical Activity Improves Life Expectancy; Why Stretching is Great for Older Adults; How aging changes your bones, joints, organs & Hormones).

*** Eat Nuts & Seeds for a Longer, Healthier Life...They are calorie dense and are not for snacking and are good replacements for an oil-based salad dressing made from vinegar and seeds/nuts. They are also a flavorful food for heart health & diabetics and include almonds, walnuts, pistachios, Mediterranean seeds and sesame seeds. Best eaten raw or slightly toasted
--wellness.com/blog/13278808 by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., 1/15/16.

*** Lifespans Are Long Enough Debate...Average American lives for 78 years. This debate, produced by the Intelligence Squared U.S features Paul Root Wolpe (Director, Emory Center for Ethics) argues for motion; Aubrey de Grey (Chief Science Officer & Co-Founder, SENS) and Brian Kennedy (CEO & President Back Institute for Research on Aging) argue against the motion; To be held at the Kaufman Center, 129 W. 67th St., NYC from 6:45-8:15pm on Wednesday, February 3--Available online (IQ2Lifespans or IQ2's app (shorefi.re/VT wKwx), 1/14/16.

*** Ways to Beat The High Cost of Assisted Living... .Here are some ways: Plan ahead and do your research; Get it right the first time; Ask about price flexibility; Consider a different location; Compare a-la-carte with inclusive pricing; Share a room; Explore veteran benefits; Compare care types; Get personalized advice--aplaceformom article by Sarah Stevenson, 1/13/16.

*** Health Tech Insider Report on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show Show
   1) Smart Socks to Help Seniors...Called "Sensoria Walk" for those with mobility issues (recovering from injury, chronic conditions, or stroke, and those seniors at risk of falling). Allows professionals and caregivers to monitor cadence, motion, gait, and other factors to analyze a patient's condition and guide treatment--Will be available as an app on the Apple Store early this year; also go to sensoria.com.
    2) Connected Hearing Aids Get Better...Linx latest model was shown. Boosts a range of new features designed to help those with hearing loss with sounds of their world more effectively. Key is that these devices connect to a smart phone, tablet or even a smart watch to give the most controls over the settings and performance. Many other new improvements--resound.com.
    3) Shocking Solutions for Nausea...Caused from motion sickness and one company has a new product that uses electricity to treat symptoms called "Relief Band." Worn on the underside of your wrist and delivers a pattern of electrical pulses that send a signal to your brain which blocks nausea sensations--reliefband.com.
   4) Take My Temp But Don't Touch Me...Call "MythermoBW-CX10", it is an infrared touchless device using technology to obtain temperature with  energy emitted from the temporal artery--Mythermo.com.


*** Shocking Rise in Senior Poverty Predicted...In late December last year, Teresa Ghilarducci who is a renowned economist from the New School for Social Research, published a piece in The Atlantic in which she used current rates of senior poverty to project that 25 million seniors will live in poverty by 2050. That's an increase of 180% from today. WHCOA released a final report with no mention of this coming crisis--See info at justiceinaging 1/14/16 report to lead to other news.

>>> Assisted Living vs. Memory Care...Both are fast-growing options of long-term care. Assisted iiving combines bathing, eating and dressing. Memory care is a form of long-term skilled nursing for those afflicted with Alzheimer's, dementia and other problems if you can't take care of yourself with daily living problems--To learn more and other differences, see article by Sarah Stevenson on aplaceformom.com blog 2013-3-4 posted 4/11/15, or call 1-855-602-6348.

*** CMS Medicare Accountable Care Organization (ACO) New Participants...121 are to supply initiatives designed to improve the care patients who are receiving health care benefits and lower costs. Participants in the Shared Savings Program (SSP), Next Generation ACO Model, Pioneer ACO Model, and the Comprehensive ESRD Care Model serving 8.9 million beneficiaries in 477 ACOs--For more info, visit their web pages, 1/11/16.

*** Financial Expert Redefines Retirement in New Book...Titled "Retire Inspired," it covers way people view saving for retirement and equips them with knowledge and know-how to properly prepare for long-term financial success. He says, "I want people to live the retirement they have always dreamed of, and its financial numbers about the amount of money they need to live during their retirement years"--Published by Ramsey Press, retireinspiredbook.com. More info, call Meg Grunke, 615-663-8660.

*** Report Shows 45% Are Now Saving for Retirement...According to a USA Today report on survey responses from Fidelity, Americans are finally doing something right when it comes to saving for retirement in the year ending 2013, up from 32% to 43%. In 2015 savings increased 8.5% from 7.3% in 2013. Survey still shows they need help due to life longevity and better planning services, and when they started to receive S/S benefits--Medicare and more, #265, issued 1/12/16.

*** National Council on Aging (NCOA) Celebrates 65th Anniversary of Service...Improves the lives of millions of older adults, especially those who are struggling; served more than 1.4 million individuals in FY15 in these categories: Economic security; Healthy aging; Public Policy & Action, News; Get involved; Resources--ncoa.org/about, 1/12/16.

*** How to Safely Dispose of Unusual Medicines...Especially arthritis medications. See this article subheads: Should you flush them down the toilet?; Should you pour them down the sink? Should you throw them in the trash?; Should you return them to the pharmacy?; Should you return them to your doctor?; What to consider; The bottom line--arthritis.about.com article by Carol Eustice, updated 1/10/16.

*** The Secret of Extending Your Life...Don't argue or fight with your spouse, children or friends, which is just as important as your diet and exercise. Researchers found that stresses related to excess demands, conflicts and arguing were linked to 50-100% of increased risk of death from any cause (arguing was the most harmful). Here are tips on turning arguments into peaceful moments: Isolate your triggers; Create a list of choices; Pay attention to how you react; Ignore the words of the person picking a fight with you; Listen for the emotions; Help the other person understand their feelings; Don't trivialize others' emotions--wellness.com/blog by Doug Noll, 1/11/16.

*** Ways to Get Most Out of Every Day...
Condensed heads from this new book: "The Thriver's Edge-7 Keys to Transform the Way You Live, Love and Lead," by Donna Stonaham, Ph.D:  Be grateful; Be present; Focus on your purpose; Move your body; Quiet your mind; Appreciate your abundance; Pay it forward--200 pages on Kindle. ISBN: 978-1-63152-9804 on Amazon.

*** Learn More About Addressing Your Health Information...Used to help individuals improve their ability to monitor chronic conditions, stick with treatment plans, track progress in wellness programs, and identify and correct erroneous information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 has supported this right--For detailed data, visit directorship.nih.gov article by Dr. Francis Collins, posted 1/12/16.

*** Recent FDA's Effort to Lower-Cost Hearing Aid Alternatives...New efforts are being made to better understand how the agency can appropriately balance patient safety while encouraging advancements in hearing aide technology and high costs. This is of special interest to seniors 70+ (30%). One company applauded FDA for their attempt (IntriCon Corp.)
--1/11/16 Newswire. 

*** Juggling With Senior Care Questions This Year...What are Medicaid and the VA benefits impacted by paying for care?; How can you pay for care today?' Getting the most value from your home;; VA pension of aid and attendance; Using investments to pay for care--Article from Elderlife Financial Services, call 1-888-228-4500 for more info, 1/8/16.

*** New Type of Research Needed About Length of Life...Right now we wait until people get sick and spend a fortune trying to keep them alive; some aging research should try to keep the aging healthy with their longer lives and research should focus on what we should know the intrinsic process that drives diseases that should be slowed down. A recent study has yielded a number of associations with lifestyle habits and longer lives via diet, foods we eat, daily exercise and more. Most people want to live longer only if they walk, talk and think in their declining years--Article by Courtney Perkes in the Orange County (CA) Register News, 1/8/16. For more info contact cperkes@ocregister.com.

>>> Signs Aging Parents Need Help...Plus how you can help: House & yard care/maintenance incomplete; disheveled clothing; broken appliances; changes in mood or extreme swings; spoiled, expired groceries; poor personal hygiene; cluttered, dirty, disorganized house; depressed and low energy temperament; unexplained bruising; trouble getting up from seated positions; missing important appointments; uncertainty and confusion when performing familiar tasks; forgetfulness; poor diet and weight loss; late payments /checks bounce; loss of interest in hobbies/activities; forgetting to take medications; unexplained dents & scratches on car--aplaceformom.com blog by Dana Larsen on 12/20/15.

*** Conceive and Achieve Your Life By Using Some of These Tips...Conceive It: You've got  to want it; Make realistic resolutions Achieve It: Don't procrastinate; Learn from your failures; Acknowledge that you will slip and forgive yourself; Get support--Article by Nancy Shimelpfening, Depression Expert, depression.about.com, updated 12/30/15.

*** How To Get Rid of Toenail Fungus Fast At a Reasonably Cost...A common senior problem, here's what you need: 3 cups of antiseptic mouthwash, 3 cups of apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, thyme oil, olive oil, 6 oz bottle with dropper, toothbrush). Action: Soak toes in basin with mouthwash & apple cider for half an hour; dry thoroughly; apply drops of oil mixtures for 15 minutes on nails; scrub mixture on nails with toothbrush. Repeat until fungus clears up--Story in ehow.com_5186950 by Tammi Clements, ehow contributor.

*** Ask Your Doctor These Important Questions Concerning Diagnoses He May Give You...The following questions can help you, caregivers and family members gather basic info about your
health: What are the symptoms of the diagnosis:: What are you able to do or not do?; What are the most helpful things that can be done; How can more info be gotten in the medications being subscribed/; What is the plan for further treatment?; What options are available if the diagnosis gets worse?; Can I have a copy of the records?; How can I reach you if there are further questions?:--Guest article by Max Zubatosky in Today's Caregiver.com, 1/17/16 issue #880.

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~~~ Shared. We'll Meet Again PBS...Use this program if you are looking for people to be united with, especially someone from your past. "We'll Meet Again" will follow individuals on their journey to be reunited with long lost relatives, loved ones, friends, acquaintenances...meetagain@blinkfilmsuk.com, 10.11.16.

~~~ Florida Supreme Court Rules Death Penalty Juries Must Be Unanimous...Decision immediately puts state's death penalty law in limbo.  Also court opened the door to inmates already on death row (385) getting their sentences reduced--
Local10.com/news/florida, 10.14.16.

~~~ Florida Guardian Month...Proclamation by Governor Scott for the 4.9 million seniors and 2.4 million residents with disabilities--elderaffairs.fl.us.

~~~ Half of Seniors With Memory Problems Avoid Tests...
two thirds of 65+ seniors who screened positive to cognitive tests refused subsequent evaluation. Screening is designed to detect if a problem exists. Diagnostic assessment provides the best available tests--Alzheimersweekly.com + headline.

~~~ Annual Passes for Seniors at Busch Garden Properties ...Now Available for use starting January 1, 2017, + more--seniorworldparks.com

~~~ Older Americans / Key Indicators of Well-Being, 2016 Florida Report...Indicates Florida remains the Sate with most people 65+...Also includes these re;ports from these Federal Departments: Census, SMS, DH&OD, Vet Affairs, and eight others--Off the Internet, 10.4.16.

~~~ Florida's District Court of Appeals Decision...An appeal on behalf of a homeowner client that  bank failed to comply with a trial judge's order that the adequate sanction was a dismissal of the case. Bank disagree and appealed. Court ultimately agreed that the judge had acted correctly and the case would remain dismissed--The Ticketin Law Group, 9.29.16.

~~~ Seminole Tribe of Florida Chairman, James Billie, Removed From Office..Effective immediately on vote of 4-0. Recall petition cited numerous issues with policies & providers. Came to office in May, 2011--Local 10 News, 0.28.16.

​​~~~ Broward County Posts Election Results Before Voting Ended...An action by the provider, VR Systems, was quickly withdrawn, although there will be an investigation by the Dept. of State--News Services of FL 8.29.16

~~~ Solar Amendment Passes...The amendment that helps to expand a renewable energy tax break that will spark the solar industry.--News Service of FL 8.29.30

~~~ FL Voter Turnout Last Week...Preliminary Data indicates 23.58% turnout, with large counties lagging rest of state. Broward at the bottom with 16.5% turnout--News Service of Florida., 8/31/16.

~~~ Court Backs State In Doctor Overpayment Dispute...3rd District of Appeals sides with the state Agency of Health Care Administration about whether a pediatrician is required to repay $1 million to the Medicaid program--News of Florida, 8.31.16.

~~~  Great Site for Floridians...Visit this site to see some excellent Florida editorial information--aarp.org/region/florida/

~~~ Florida Business Owners Push for U.S. Supreme Court on Credit Card Law...Some states allow price differences to be construed as surcharges for credit card users. Want court to settle dispute--News Service of Florida.

~~~ FL Dept of Affairs is Shielded from Lawsuit...Filed by former state ombudsman for long-term care residents, C?laire Caldwell, who was fired after she made critical comments about the operation of the program, an appeals court ruled--News Service of Florida/9.8.16

~~~ Palm Beach Physicians Groups Rank No. 2 in USA...They rank #2 in keeping patients happy while avoiding unnecessary costs. Doctors in gups called to accountable care organizations and are allowed to keep some of the money they save Medicare if they do so while achieving high scores for taking care of patients--medicare and more, Issue 296, published by dukerichard.com.

~~~ Elder-Update (Headlines from September-October, 2016 Editon)

* Living the Legacy (New program to document seniors'life experience)
* Flo Goldmann Award (Volen Center recognized for outstanding service to seniors)
* Aging Master Program a Big Hit With Seniors (Program acclimating seniors to modern computer technology finds success)
* Creating Multigenerational Cities (Designing cities with social connection in mind benefits people young and old)
* Medication & Memory ( Be aware of rare drug interactions)
* Ready, Steady Balance (Falls Prevention Awareness Day and what seniors can do to improve strength and balance)
* Keep Florida Working (Governor Scott announces growth in jobs, GOP,and record tourism)
​-- News from the Florida Dept of Elder Affairs.



~~~ What Trump Presidency Means to You & Medicare...Republicans in Congress want to Privatize Medicare, and want to do away with it; want to means-test it even further, and want to raise the age of eligibility--JustCare,theBuzzfor Boomers, website/reported by Medicare and more, Issue #301, published by DukeRichard.com, 10.18.16.

~~~ How to Prepare for Open Enrollment Period...Oct. 15-Dec. 7, 2016. Anyone can change their prescription drug Plan or Medicare Advantage Plan for any reason--mymedicarematters.com, 10.5.16.

~~~ Medicare Sees Paying Doctors for Quality, Not Quantity...
Complex regulations of 2,400 pages of this bipartisan legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Obama last year. See comments by Andy Smith, head of federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid--Medicare and more, issue 301, 0.18.16 published by Dukerichard.com

~~~ NIH Study Determines Key Differences Between Allergic and Non-allergic Dust Mite Proteins...Finding may lead to better therapies for individuals with dust mite allergies. Researchers have pondered what distinguishes an allergen from a non-allergen for years--
nih.gov/news-events/ + headline, 10.19.16.

~~~ New Social Security Publications Web Page...New ones are: Schedule of S/S Benefits Payments 2018; When to Start Receiving Benefit Payments; and many, many more--ssa.gov/pubs/ 10.18.16.

~~~ NCOA Quick Guide to Recertification...Many core benefits require recipients to actively recertify their eligibility. Learn about the frequency & process in this new guide (for consumers and agents)--ncoa.org/resources + headline, 10.19.16.

~~~ October Senior Sprint Newsletter...Immunotherapy Cancer treatments Show Promise; Helping your child buy a home; Looking for the perfect retirement community; How to Back Up your computer files; Look whose turning 65; Cruise through retirement--seniorsocietyofcertifiedadvisors.com, 10.18.16.

​~~~ An Increase on COLA for 2017...Will increase .3% (or $3 for every $1,000 you collect from S/S in 2016. Medicare charges for 2017 when announced will be one place!)-Will be seen on Medicare.gov--socialsecurity.gov + headline, 10.18.16.

~~~ NIH Research Report--Improving blood sugar estimates; DNA changes predict longevity; Blood-engineered blood vessel gifts grow in animals--nihresearchmaters.org 10.18.16.


~~~ Today's Caregiver Sept/Oct Issue Headlines...The Flu and You; When Stroke Happens; Is It Time to stop driving; Caregiver Friendly Awards; The Connie Siskowski Interview--
caregiver.com/2016/Sept_Oct. 16 htm?utm.

~~~ NIH Scientists Uncover Genetic Explanation for Frustrating Syndrome...Characterized by difficult-to-treat symptoms, including dizziness, lightheadedness, skin flushing & itching, gastrointestinal complaints, chronic paid & bone and joint problems. Four to six percent of general public has this high typase levels--
nih.gov/news_events, 10.17.16.

~~~ "Original" English Thanksgiving Was In Virginia...And they're still at it. Local restaurants continue to serve America's first meals with a modern twist, paying homage to the original garden/water-to-table and free-range movement. Coming up to the 400th year anniversary--visitwilliamsburgcom, 10.17.16.

~~~ New Line of All-Natural Daily Vitamins...Brings body "bare" essentials in patented all-black cube-shaped bottles with bold graphic design of the human body that clearly shows consumers where that specific vitamin will benefit the body--
NUDtrition.com, or call 818-621-039, 10.17.16.

~~~ Congressmen Working on Strengthening Social Security Act...
Eliminate the payroll tax cap so that higher income people pay into S/S-based on their entire income, not just the first $118,000  year; makes benefits more robust especially for lower and middle-income Americans, and ensures that future S/S payments rise in accordance with the costs that disproportionately impact seniors, such as health--info@justiceinaging.com, 10.17.16.

~~~ NIH to Recognize 12 Champions of Environmental Health 
Research...Awards as part of the NIEHS 50th anniversary celebration to be held Nov. 1 at the NIEHS campus in Research Triangle Park, NC--see list of awardees, nihgov/news + headline 10.7.16.

~~~ Recognizing LGBT Month...It's a month-long observance of the history of the gay rights movement and was first started in 1994--socialsecurity.gov, 10.17.16.

~~~ Health Market Resources Analyzes 2016 Medicare Home Health Data...Shows mixed results for first quarter--
rchesney@healthmr.com, or call 1-215-657-7373.

~~~ French Health System Program, BewellConnect App, Now Available in the U.S....Features 10 portable medical-grade connected devices including a no-contact thermometer, blood pressure & pulse monitor, an eletrocardiogram oximeter, blood sugar meter, scales, nutritional kitchen scale, wearable fitness gadgets, and smart interactive IP camera. All units connected and stored in easy-to-read color-coded graphics--
BewellConnectCorp, Oliver Hua; press release from Veronica Amenta, trentandcompany.com, or call 1-424-644-0678. 10.17.16.


~~~ Top Elder Law Questions...How can I afford long-term care for the rest of my life?;l How can I protect my assets from Midi-Cal (in CA) from taking my estate from me when I die?; Can I get a living will so that there is no probate? Can I change my trust once i create one?; Am I giving up my control if I create a living trust?--aplaceformom.com/blog/9.23.16 + headline.

~~~ Caring Connections...Some resource stories of interest, including: How to make night time caregiving easier; Tips to help with bedtime struggles; Why you deserve a good nights sleep--info@homeinsteadinc.com, or call 866-765-0585, 10.14/16.

~~~ Causes of Premature Aging, Achy Joints & Mental Decline...How the western diet& plans contain far too many inflammation-promoting Omega-6 fatty acids and not enough anti-inflammatory Omega 3 fatty acids. Four strategies to help--support@biotrustnews.
~~~ How You Can Replace Your Social Security Card Online...Social Security's new online version, "Applications for a Replacement Social Security Card" is available in a growing number of States. Learn how--socialsecurity.gov/ + headline, article by Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications, 10.13.16. 

~~~ Learn How to Use the Nutrition Facts Labels...A tip sheet shows how to use the label to make healthy food choices--nhibi.nih.gov/health/educational/wecan/downloads/nutritionlabel.pdf.


~~~ We Need Your Insights on Telehealth & Telemedicine...The National Disability forum will focus on these topics. If you can help by answering a number of questions and presenting your insights on the topics, or attend a Social Security Forum on October 27, 2016, or posting a blog at IdeaScale online tool--Posted 10.11.16 by Jim Borland, Asst. Deputy Commissioner, Communications (socialsecurity.com).

~~~ CMS Rural Health Solutions Summit Meets...Held on October 19 at CMS headquarters in Baltimore, MD, and will bring stakeholders from all sectors of healthcare industry to engage in an in-depth discussion about ways to improve access to care in rural American--register,mitra,org/CMS_Rural_Health_Solutions_Summit/Index 

~~~ Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Stand on Aging Issues...What Clinton and Trump have to say and to get more info--ncoa.org + headline / public policy, 10.11.16.

~~~  Saving Lives is a Team Effort...Using CPR, two individuals saved a life using their knowledge they had received from the American Heart Association. Now this group is out fundraising to add to the CPR training. Donate $25 and you'll receive your own "Recipes for the Heart cookbook magazine--donate@heart.org, or call 1-800-242-8721.

~~~ Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan 2017 Changes...Initial deductible will increase $390 which also affects the Donut Hole which will also increase from 42% to 49%.--
Medicare and more, published by DukeRichard.com, Issue #300.

~~~ Investing: Forecasts for 2016-2017...Plus seven windfalls: Presidential elections affecting your nest egg; What about the UK leaving the European Union; Pay now for gas up early 2017; Asian time bomb to explode; What's in store for gold--
Register by Friday, Nov. 14; customerservice@Weiss.cxom.

~~~ Improved Quality of Medicare Heart & Drug Plans...Expected to reach 18.5 million in 2017. Program will continue to get better--Learnmore: cms.gov/Newsroom/MedicalReleaseDatabase/Fact-sheets, 10.12.16.

~~~ Webinar: Revised Nursing Home Regulations...Held on Friday October 21-2 to 3:15 pm ET. New regulations are dramatically different from the present ones and will impact lives and care of nursing home residents for years to come--
info@justiceinaging, 10.12.16. Register in advance.

~~~ NIH News in Health, October Issue...Covers: Understanding health risks improve your chances for good health; Prostate predicaments when bladder problems are pressing; Depression symptoms & treatments; Volunteers needed for cancer study--
Headline, or call 301-402-7337 for more info, 10.11.16.

~~~ CMS.govPressTwitterAccount Launched...Dedicated to promoting news relating to CMS as it happens, offering the public the opportunity to receive information immediately on the social media platform--@cmsPress, or call 202-690-6145, 10.12.16.


~~~ What Shouldn't Be in Your Wallet...Social Security Card; Medicare Cards issued before August 2015; Blank checks; Password cheat sheet; Extra credit & debit cards (one will do); Passports & birth certificates; House key; Gift cards--Medicare and more; published by dukerichard.com, #299, or call 954-297-4501.

~~~ Ficercew/Age October Articles About Spirituality & Aging...Mist on the Wind; Coming & Going; Falling Away; The bright abyss; silence?; And after that?; The secret of enlightenment--Carol@Fiercewithage.com, 10.10.16.

~~~ Join the DealNews Community...Free: Men's clothing; Home & garden; Women's clothing; Electronics; Computers; Coupons--emailservices@deal-news.com, 10.8,16.

~~~ NIH Common Fund Announces 216 High-Risk, High Reward Research Awards...Funds 88 awards on high-impact ;biomedical research. The program continues to support high caliber investigators whose ideas stretch the boundaries of our scientific knowledge--nih.gov/news + headline. 10.4.16.

~~~ Kiplinger Releases Rankings of Most & Least Tax-Friendly States for Retirees...Most: Alaska, Wyoming, Nevada, Mississippi; Least: Vermont, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Montana, California, Nebraska, NJ, NY, Utah--Kiplinger.com + headline, 10.5.16.

~~~ Researchers Confront an Epidemic of Loneliness...Research in Great Britain have found mounting evidence linking loneliness to physical illness and to functional and cognitive decline, and as a predictor of early death, and eclipses obesity--
nytimes, 9.6.16 + headline.

~~~ How Exercise Helps You Age Better...The benefits of physical activity for seniors extends beyond just helping them to avoid injury and disability; physical activity may also include faster & stronger recovery after injury--
time.com/4508337 + head, 9.26.16.

~~~ New Entrepreneurs: The Evolving Rate of Internal Wholesaling...New research finds that internal wholesalers are becoming more investment-focused and entrepreneurial, creating new career opportunities. Asset management distribution teams should focus on how to best gauge of the performance of the evolving role--press@Cerulliassociates, 10.5.16.

~~~ Targeting Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors May Be Important Across a Lifetime...NIH study suggest efforts to prevent risk factors should extend to those 65+. Study reveals that no age group is immune to risk factors related to the disease--
nih.com/mindyourrisk, 10.3.16.


~~~  Common Medicare Mistakes...Not option for "Extra Help"; Signing up at the wrong time; "Guessing" at what is the right plan; Ignoring
Part D because you don't take any prescription drugs; Choosing Medicare plans solely based on premium amounts--
MondayMorning, 7/30.5, article by Abby Higgs. (Reposted October, 2016).

~~~  Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars to Cover What Medicare Doesn't...Report covers the subject in "Weiss Ratings Medigap Report,"
--by Johnathan Public, Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D), 877-934-7778.

~~~ Redefine Retirement: New Services To Cover Mature Americans With Skilled-Based Opportunities...Tangia, industry's first platform to connect 65+ with individuals and small businesses in need of skill-based services, is launched. It's for people approaching the traditional retirement age and are at the peak of their professional careers, not on their way out--tengia.com, 10.6.16.

~~~ Running out of Money is Top Retirement Concern...So says AICPA survey of Financial Planners & Trends Report. Concerns shift from financial to health as retirees age. Other concerns were maintaining lifestyles and diminished capacity and demand issues.--See full article (businesswire.com/0161006005020/en, or contact James Schiavone, 212-596-6119, or jschiavona@aicpa.org, 10.6.16.

~~~ Returning Home After a Disaster: Be Healthy & Safe...If you smell gas, don't enter; Wear waterproof boots & gloves; Wash your hands often with soap and water, and more--
caregiver.com, Issue 956, 10.6.16.

~~~ What is Assisted Living Really Like?...Have an idea what assisted living offers on a daily basis, including activities, amenities and care--aplaceformom.com + headline; article by Dana Larson, 7/28/16 (reposted 10.816).

~~~ Art Therapy to Reduce Stress: Coloring for Adults With Inkspirations...A beautiful and inspiring line of coloring books and cards for various themes (gardens, holidays, etc.).. Free copies available-- Kim.weiss@hcibooks, or call 1-800-851-9100, Ext 212.

~~~ Avoid Medicare Rip-Offs...There is a huge gap between what your doctor or hospital charges you and what Medicare covers; at least half the insurance companies in America are overcharging you for Medigap policies, and many are grossly overcharging, says Weiss Ratings. Get free report: "The Great Healthcare Ripoff of 2016." for $49--weissmedigap.compurchase.

~~~ Drive With & For Uber and Pick Up Rewards (Riders, too)...As a Driver-Partner or rider plus additional product savings--
ShopYourWay, 1-800-991-8708 (Sears HoldingCorp.)



~~~ CMS Commitment to Person-Centered Care for Long-Term Care Facility Residents...Finalizes new rules to protect and empower residents of long-term care facilities which are a major step forward to improve the care and safety of the nearly 1.5 million residents in more than 15,000 long-term facilities by protecting resident's rights--cms.gov/newsroompress release, 9.28.16.

~~~  Starting and Running a Caregiver Support Group...Covers: What is a support group and how do you start one; Who runs it; Coordinated responsibilities; Meet where; and lots more info to help--
caregiver.com (Issue #854) article y Suzette Levy, 9.29.16.

~~~ InventHelp Adds New Products...""Clearkey" reduces nail clicking on keyboards and also prevents bacteria, mold and fungus accumulating on the keys. $19.95 desktop, $24.99 laptop. Also "Card Charmer" helps getting all of your cords tangling together--
More info: contact emoorhead@inventhelp.com.

~~~ Snapshots  of Life: A Flare for the Dramatic...Some photos that were produced in science that resemble art--To see them,, click on DeseretNews, 10.11.15 article "Science or Art?" by D.. Chen, authored by NIH Directors Blog of 9.29.16 by Dr. Francis Collins.

~~~  Best Cities to Live the Good Life on $40,000 per year...With dollar-stretching cities as selected by the AARP The Magazine: Sheboygan, WI; Fort Walton Beach, FL; Cleveland, OH; Eugene, OR, and Abelene TX. Dollar-stretching cities: Bistol, VA-TN; Canon City, CO; Cheyene, WY; Rochester, NY, and Sioux Falls, SD--
rogers&cowan, mlawrence@rogersandcowan.com, , 10.3.16,

~~~ Senior Savvy October Headlines...Are There Alternatives to Satins; In-Patient or Not?; Buying Annuities; Ways to Turn your 401Ks Savings Into Retirement Income; Big Mistake of the Newly Retired; Social Security Mistake to Avoid; Romance & Defrauds; Ageism in America, and lots more--myemail.consantcontact.com/Senior-Newswwire.

~~~ Kiplinger's October Retirement Report Headlines...Communities seek to be age friendly; Annuities that pay off for the sick; As rules change for investors, look at cash alternatives; Crown-funding sites to pay for personal bills, and more--
Kiplingerretirementreport.om, 10.3.16.

~~~ More Money Awarded to Continue Progress Towards a Safer Health Care System...CMS awarded 16 organizations a total of $347 million to continue effort in reducing hospital-acquired conditions and re-admissions in the Medicare program--cms.gov/conditions&
re-admissions in the Medicare program (cms.gov/Newsroom, 9.29.16).

~~~ Customer Service Is What We Do...Social Security has been in business 81 years and this week celebrates "Customer Service Week"  {10.3--7.16) and has gone from customer-to-employee interactions in-person to the quick and secure online service options to conduct their business-
socialsecurity.gov to reach their many online services, 10.3.16.


~~~ Do's & Don'ts With Dementia Care Problems...Dealing with dementia care; Aggressive speech or actions; Confusion about time & place; Poor judgement or cognitive problems--aplaceformom.com/blog by Sarah Stevenson + headline, 10.1.16.

~~~ Fraudulent Glass Repair Scams...Be aware of parking lot random solicitations; Ask for I.D.; Contact your insurance company first; Get another estimate; Get everything in writing; Ask for references; Review your documents; Never sign a blank contract; Make sure you are satisfied with the work when it's complete; No deposits--Geigo Endoars recommendations (geico.com/more/ 9.30.16.

~~~ Anti-Aging Foods to Eat...Oliver oil, Red wine; Beans; Brazil nuts; Tomatoes; Raspberries & Blueberries; Organic eggs--support@biotrustnews.com, 9.30.16.

~~~ New Legislation in Congress Seeks to Bolster Access to Medicare for Low-Income Seniors...Also helps persons with disabilities. Would improve access to Medicare by expanding coverage by lowering or limiting out-of-pocket costs and improving the enrollment process--justiceinaging.com, 9.30.16.

~~~ How a DYI Mentality Adds Up to Savings...Several over-the-counter remedies for such things now costing more than a cup of coffee--creditcards.com/9.27.16 story by Erica Sandberg.

~~~ Webinar: People Are Dying to Know...Making plans from a point of strength instead of in a crisis...Visit Jamie Sarche  Feldman Mortuary, a pre-arranged funeral planner who has been actively engaged to change the way our culture deals with death. Webinar takes place on Thursday, October 6, 2016, 2 pm EST--scsa.informznet/online version (Society of Certified Senior Advisors)

~~~  SmartCap Provides Real Time Fatigue Alerts (video)...Available in a baseball style cap, beanie, headband and other head wear version alertness wearers. Was originally developed for mining industry but has spread--smartcaptech (healthtech insider.com, 9.23.16.

~~~ New Aging in Place Tech-MegCares-Launched...Started October 1 with a system that allows monitoring of independent seniors who want to age in their own homes. Uses sensors that pick-up motion of the person living alone, transmitting data to a secure server where it's logged and analyzed. Cost $175, with a monthly reporting fee of $9.95--MegCares.com, or call 301-370-0006.

~~~ Webcast: Understanding the New 2016 Social Security Filing Rules...To be held Thursday, October 6, 2016, 2pm EST. Includes info on new rules, strategies, presidential election affect & more--Your adviser can attend only. Tell them to call for more info (1-844-09-7385)


~~~ Where Do the Presidential Candidates Stand on Medicare, Part D, Overseas Drugs & More?...A good analysis even though to US Seniors it still sounds confusing. because a lot depends on what Congress does and what the elected new president agrees with--Medicare and more, published by DukeRichard.com/ Issue #298 , 9.28.16.

~~~ Assisted Living Improvement...Brookdale, one of the U.S.'s largest chains of assisted living facilities (1100) is starting small, thinking big with memory care innovations. Read about how its improving--innovation.seniorhousingnews.com/brookdale + headline, 9.28.16.

~~~ What Does the Census Say About Senior Poverty?,,,It's all good news. The official poverty rate for seniors decreased 1.2% points to 8.8%; the median household income increased 4.3% to $38,515, + more--justicinaging.org/census-senior-poverty / 9.28.16.

~~~ New Mailing Frauds...A campaign that is targeting individuals all over the U.S., and the elderly in particular. Mail-out promises wealth or a good fortune--Action: Don't send money; file a complaint--Call 
800-382-4357 or email ftc.gov/complaint/connect.USA.gov + headline, 9.28.16.

~~~ Depression Screening & Testaments in Adults...A study suggests that most adults with depression may not receive treatment, and many may not have the disorder; Findings highlight the need to deliver appropriate care to people with depression--
nih.gov/news-events/nih-research + headline, 9.27.16.

~~~ Natural Family Caregiver Month...Comes in November. Baby boomers are going to fuel 75% increase in nursing & home care. Selecting the right caregiver for family members is one of the most important decisions one will ever make--Read this article and also contact our Sponsor whose listing is on the left hand column.

~~~ Colonoscopy After Age 75 May Not Be Worth It...Study by Harvard School ofPublic Health of more than 1.3 million 70-to-90 Medicare patient found that having a colonoscopy reduced colon cancer risk slightly over eight years, but had little or no effect on patients over 75--consumer.healthday.com/715217html/?utm1, 9.26.16.

~~~ Giving Back Goes High Tech...How the philanthropy landscape is shifting. Spearheading the revolution of innovative giving methods is "YouGiveGoods"--To learn more, and/or speak to its founder (Lisa Tomasi) on how it works contact yougivegoods.com, or her pr agency, kdionysou@5wpragency.com, 9.29.16.

~~~ Always Feeling Lonely?...May be it's your DNA (genes). Study of 11,000 men and women aged 50+ by the U of Florida placed at least some of the blame on genes (24-27%)--consumer.healthday.com/ental-health-information-25, 9.26.16.


~~~ Spa Week: Your Path to Wellness Starts Here...Commences October 17-23, 2016 event allows millions to experience the revitalizing and relaxing benefits of spa treatments for just $50 in various parts of the U.S.--spaweek.com.

~~~ Celebrate National Health IT Week...September 26-30, 2016 celebrate by finding out how you can benefit from standard electronic transmissions-- go.cms.gov/AdminSimp/9.26.16.

~~~ New Products from the United Kingdom...Wearables integrate with patient data to warn of seizure; charging wearable batteries with human body heat; Stand-up wheelchairs gives users a lift--healthtechnsider.com/9.20.16. 

~~~ Marine Microorganisms Show Promise as New Cancer Drugs...What medicines might lurk inside tiny marine organisms as a source for antibiotics and for cancer drugs? Marine bacteria are producing metalbiotics scientists have never seen before--Article by Dana Talesnik,nihrecord.gov/newsletters/2016/0_23_2016/story 1.htm.

~~~ Creative Minds: Making a Miniature Colin in the Labs--Nancy Allbriton and team of NIH research scientist are developing a functional models of a large intestine, or colon, on a microfabricated chip about the size of a dime. An interesting article about NIH creative minds--director's blog.nih.gov/2016/09/22 + headline.

~~~ How We Age Goes Much Deeper...That's because telomeres (the caps at the end of cells, that protect them from fraying) die over time, compromising fascia and muscle functions as well as collagen production. Dr. Prudence Hall, a practicing gynecologist as well as collagen production, has developed a natural supplement that helps the longevity of teleomeres--More details, go to "LightYearsAhead.com, 9.26.16.

 ~~~ Three Pearls of Caregiving...Three pearls are Safety, Meaning and Purpose (They are basic spiritual principles that can guide our decisions and other actions during the universal experiences of aging, illness and dying). Article by Brock Travis, Ph.D., covers going to have to visit a hospital, make choices or give care for another person--caregivernewsletter.com, Issue 937, 9.23.16.

~~~ Facebook Video Ads-Not As rich as They Appear...A few facts that begs the question; Auto-playing video ads hurts, especially on smartphone; knowledge is power. Facebook was one of those online venues for almost $69 billion spent on Internet advertising--aginginplacetechnologywatch.com, 9.27.16.

~~~ Ancestors of All People Traced to Africa...DNA analysis points to a single major exodus--See this unusual article by Dr. Francis Collins,posted on 9.27.16 at NIH Director's Blog + headline.



~~~ A New Perspective on Alzheimer's and Dementia...A diagnosis of one of these diseases is life-altering and raises fears for the individual receiving this news as well as for those who love them. This author, Megan Carnarius, RN, NHA, LMT, offers a new perspective in her book,"A Deeper Perspective on Alzheimer's & Other Dementias: Practical Tools With Spiritual Insights." There is a special interview with the author in this article--aplaceformom/blog/9.15.16.

~~~ Mental Disorders Rule Update...Social Security on 9.26.16 will publish a final rule to update the criteria they use to evaluate disability claims involving mental disorders. It is the most comprehensive revision since 1985--socialsecurity.gov/blog of 9.23.16 by Douglas Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications.

~~~ Working Through Retirement...Even though ageism seems rampant, many seniors report increased happiness in the workplace. This article by Dana Larsen discusses the dichotomy of sentiments and why continuing work through retirement offers many benefits--aplaceformom/blog/ 9.12.16.

~~~ Pew Poll shows Voters With Disabilities Can Determine Election Outcome...Poll shows that 1-in-10 Americans report have a disability (especially seniors); 4-in-10 express a mix of conservative and liberal political values--JenniferM@RespectAbilityUSAorg, or call 202-365-0787 for more info.l

~~~ Why Social Security is Important to Latinos...They have, along with African-Americans, less in retirement savings than white households. About Half of elderly Latinos receive more than 50% of their income from S/S--More info at socialsecurity.go, story by Chavez Rodriguez, Special Assistant to the President of the White House and Senior Deputy Director of Public Engagement / 9.22.16.

~~~ More Technologies to Help Care for Older Adults...More start ups: Caregoals: Gives you confidence to have conversation that are relevant and meaningful to your life and care preferences; CareZapp: Holistic platform enhances in-home caregiving, allowing patients to communicate to get social support; lamfine: Provider easy way for people living alone to be checked up by loved ones; Sen.se:
Thermal Peanut: A smart sensor that can monitor temperature in-and-around the home; Vitalitix: Provides three way conversations between seniors, caregivers and community social angels as well as existing volunteers networks--aginginplacewatch.com / 9.23.16 

~~~ Financial Mistakes Couples Make That Could Derail Retirement...
Failing to take action; Not talking to one another about what they were or weren't doing; How to take various retirement saving strategies; Having no idea what their retirement saving targets should be..+ more...lifehealthpro.com / 9.22.16 + headline.

~~~ How To Ask the Kids to Help Out in a Financial Crisis...When finances are suddenly stretched, is it wrong to solicit help from your children?; Having kids contribute to the household, particularly when the parents (and grandparents) are going through something tough; instills a sense of responsibility--An article worth reading, by Erica Sandberg, creditcards.com/news/+ headline, 9.22.16.


~~~  New Book: Addiction and Perception Disorder...By Charles G. Hanna, titled "Higher: Awaken to a More Fulfilling Life." Will be reviewed by our staff in October.
~~~ U.S. Bank Measuring American's' Satisfaction at Work, Home and Play...U.S. Bank Possibility Index is designed to help Americans have everyday conversations about important personal finance. Americans scored an overall 65 out of a possible 100, indicating a positive outlook on overall life satisfaction--dana.ripley@usbank.com, or call

~~~ Social Aspects of Dysphagia...Swallowing problems is the disorder this article discusses: Quality of life; Strategies, Emotions connected with the disease--by Jennifer Bradley, newsletter@caregiver.com, Issue #952, 9.22.16.

~~~ Annual Notice of Changes...Known as ANOC, it's due from your medical provider in September, or early October. Make sure you review the changes and possibility of switching providers--medicare and more, published by DukeRichard.com, #297, 9.20.16, or call

~~~ Consumers Look At This Smart Lock for Added Home Security...
PIN Genie offers a patent-pending smart lock called "Kickstarter" that combines your 10-digit passcode into four buttons. See story for more info--sarah@commendpartners, or go to bit.ly/PINGGenieKS., 9.20.16.

~~~  Many Seniors on Medicare's Drug Prescription Plans With High Blood Pressure Not Taking Their Meds...It's about half of them ; learn what's going on--medicare and more, Published by DukeRichard.com, Issue #297, 9.20.16, or call 954-257-4501. 

~~~ Tips For Transitioning From Hospital to Home...So what are the key things to know: Make sure you understand your new medications; Get ready for your follow-up appointment; Know the"red Flags" or your condition--mymedicarematters.org + hedline, 9.2.16.

~~~ Adults Need More Physical Activity...Now, 31 million adults age 50+ are inactive. Check out this story to see what can be done to improve better health for yourself and where to get help--
cdc.gov + headline, 9.20.16.

~~~ When It Makes Sense to Cash In Your Saving Bonds...Go to SavingBonds.com and use the complimentary calculator and review the detailed Bond Inventory Report to learn cash-in values, interest rate performance and total interest, rules and regulations for each bond--SavingBonds.com, 9.20.16.


~~~ Tips for Choosing Home Care Aides...First determine the right kind (home health agencies; Hospice; Homemaker; Home care aide agencies); Staffing & private-duty agencies; Questions to Ask; Check References--aplaceformome.senior-care.

~~~ Blog: Early Diagnosis for Dementia Care Can Be Helpful...Watch for signs of dementia in your loved one can help you plan for the future before the condition worsens. Benefits; Signs; Care--csa.us/2016/09/early-diagnosis-for-dementia-can-be.html, or call

~~~ NIH Makes More Efforts to Share Data & Living News to Patients...Data from biomedical research to be shared rapidly and widely to patients, scientists and other members of the public--To learn what it means, visit this article-directorsblog.nih.gov/2016/9/16.

~~~ Using SNAP at Your Local Farmer's Market...Senior National Assistance Program is used by four million low-income 60+ seniors which can now be used at many farmer markets in the U./S.--ncoa.org/blog/nap-farmers-markets, 9.13.16.

~~~ Why Seniors Don't Eat--It's complicated. More than half adults who visit ER departments are either malnourished or at risk of malnutrition, but not because of lack of access to health care, critical illness or dementia; more than three quarters have never been diagnosed with malnutrition--caregiver.com/articles, issue #950., 9.15.16.

~~~  Tips for Doing a Self-Examination to Help Keep Skin Cancer in Check...Learn how to do it from this report--
cher@chermurphypr, or call 571-263-2128, 9.15.16.

~~~ Falls Prevention Awareness Day...Celebrates tomorrow, Sept. 22, 2016. Watch video on Facebook Live that day as NCOA walks you through a house and demonstrates safety strategies and tips--ncoa/prevent falls.

​~~~ Apps to Help You Get Out of Debt...Here are some debt trackers, apps and online tools for a test drive: DebtManager; DebtEliminator; UnDebtIt; DebtFree; DebtTracker; ReadyForZero; DebtCalculator;
EasyDebtFree; DebtPayoffPlanner--
creditcards.com + Headphp?a_aid=e38bc565, 9.15.16.

~~~ Social Security Joins the Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration...
Runs from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, 2016. Site provides a variety of publications and services in Spanish that are important to you and your family--segurosocial.gov, 9.15.16.


~~~ Justice in Aging News Headlines in Review...Justice for Older Adults in Nursing Homes; California Launches Landmark SSI Bill to Governor; Save the Date for the Dignity for All Forum (Nov. 15); Durable Medical Equipment for Medicaid Recipients Critical; Penalties Minimal for Nursing Home Deaths--

~~~ Film Study: Pop Culture Stereotypes Aging Americans...Studies from Humana and USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism reveal prevalence of ageism in film and the power of embracing a healthy mindset for healthy aging. "Seniors are rarely seen on screen, and when they are, they are ridiculed"--Humana: Mark Mathis, 312-441-5010, or mmathis@humana.com / 9.13.16.

~~~ Investors: Boom Coming in Connected Healthcare...Health care costs continue to surge. New companies are using powerful cloud-computing networks and connected devices to stem the tide. Medicare estimates that it spends $17 billion each year on avoidable readmission costs for patients--moneyandmarkets.com, 9.13.16 story by Jon Markman.

~~~ Learn How to Save Even More During National Coupon Month...Here are a few tips from the CEO of BeFrugal.com; How to Stack Coupons with Cash Back Deals; Which are the best stores that offer price matching-plus other tips--altia@befrugal.com / 9.14.16.

~~~ Managing Heart  & Stroke Conditions Headlines...The path to a healthier heart; Lower our risk of a second heart attack; What is venous thromboembolism?; Learn about cryptogenic strokes;Try one of our new recipes--Americanheartassociation.com / 9.14.16.

~~~ Avoid Deadly Drug Interactions...Medication-Medication Interactions; Herbal Remedies; Food-Drug Interactions; Drug Reactions; Online Drug Interaction Databases--caregiverenewsletter, Issue 949 / 9.13.16.

~~~ Is There A Cure for Aging?...Cornell scientist reveals vitamin that may hold the key to significantly slow down or reverse the main symptoms of aging--Video story.l ivecellreseaarch.com Gescale Maxinotice or Niagen@wegols.com / 9.13.16.

~~~ We May No Longer Be Dominating the Polls--New analysis by Pew Research indicates the baby boomers and older generations may have seen the last election where they were dominate force at the polls--Medicare and more, Issue 296, published by dukerichard.com, Issue 296, 9.13.16.

~~~ Yet Another Reason to Take Physical Activity Seriously...Study appearing in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found "alcohol will continue to be abused despite the damage it causes to the health of individuals and society in general--How exercise helped, in article.


~~~ Steps to Take for Retirement...Sign up for Medicare: Make a retirement budget; Maximize Social Security; Review your portfolio; Set your withdrawl plans; Weigh pension choices; Consider an annuity--kiplinger.com/article/retirement/T047-C000-S002-what-to-do-in-the-year-before-you-retire.html, 9.12.16.

~~~ Ford Foundation on Disability Rights...Announced it was focusing its grant making on equally as well as race, gender, and class-Cites U.S. people with disabilities are the poorest of the poor in America--Jennifer Lasiylo Mizraki (202-365-0787-RespectAbility- or Lauran Applebaum (202-591-0787.

~~~ How the Ocean Impacts Your Health In a Big Way...Marine phytoplankton is a nutrient from the ocean that can do our body a wall of wonders. "Ocean Alive" is said to be the purest, most effective superfood targeting a wide range of health issues that seniors encounter--tharrington@5WPR.om, or call 646-632-4571/ 9.12.16.

​~~~ New Book Explores "Happiness in America-America the Anxious"...By Ruth Whippman. Book is part humorous travelogue, part journalistic investigation into a pressing cultural phenomena, plus comical stories--Goes on sale Oct. 4.See our Book Review sometime during October.

~~~ Exercise Cannot Undue Damage of Sitting...American Heart Association now saying that people who sit too much cannot undo the toll being sedentary is taking on their health. And the problem only gets worse with age.--Laura Baumgarten, 630-299-9616/ 2.12.16.

~~~ MD+Metabolism Expert Talks in National Cholesterol Education Month...This talk is especially for seniors. Connect with Caroline Cederquist, MD & metabolism expert and creator of bistroMD (Silver Cuisine) which caters to helping those 65+ eat healthier foods without having to sacrifice taste--Kristin Meenagh, 616-843-1802/ 9.13.16.

~~~ New VA Loan Program...Get up to $417,000 through a VA loan. Lock in a low rate; Save on closing costs; Re-fi to lower monthly payments--veteransvaloans.com/?cpAFID=234&cpSID=-02150, or call 1-888-663-7079. 

~~~ Hearing Tech Announcements That Could Benefit Older Adults...The hearing aid industry considers changing (ReSound; Oticon; Eargo; Cochlear; iHearMedical--aginginplacetechnologywatch.com / 9.13.16.

~~~  Switchmate Smart Lighting Ideal for Seniors...These automatic lighting controls are said to improve senior's quality of life; especially important to people with mobility issues or declining eyesight. Can be used on any standard light switch--switchmate.com, or call kellyodle@gmail.co, or 714-46-0894 / 9.12.16.


~~~ The Money Follows the Person Program Needs Your Help With Congress...The program helps older adults with disabilities transfer out of institutional and into community-based settings is under threat. Has helped more than 51,000 people since 2005. Contact your congressperson to continue programs which expire the end of September--Use the National Consumer's Voice for Quality Long-Term Care website (justiceinaging.com

~~~ Quick Guide to Getting Second Opinions While on Medicare...What are my options if I am on original Medicare Advantage programs?--mymedicarematters.org/8.16.16.

~~~ Could Amazon's Echo and Alexa Be Useful for In-Home Care?...A interesting article appearing on this website--aginginplcetechnologywatch.com/9.5.16.

~~~ Social Security Should Be There When You Need It...Congress has cut the S/S budget by 10% which resulted waiting for a claim to be processed that now takes 575 days on average. Congress wants to cut more on a new funding bill in the House by over $250 million in 2017. Contact your congressional rep to fully fund S/S Administration or things may get worse--justiceinaging.com.

~~~  Silence Your Snoring Partner...With a "Nora," there's nothing you have to wear to bed, no masks, no dentures or nose strips--Visit smartnora.com for more info.

~~~ How To Conquer Stress in New Book...Called "Enjoy Stress" this 75-page instructional guide leads readers through the stress management process using easy-to-remember acronyms and instructions--kweismiller@bohlsengroup.com.

~~~ Fear of Growing Old May Be Stronger Than Fear of Death...
Researchers at the Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health says about one in six young and middle aged U.S. adults wants to die before age 80--Article in Medicare and more, Issue #295, 9.6.16, published by DukeRichard.com. Original article was in journal Aging & Society.

~~~ Assisted Living vs Memory Care...Around 70% of those over 65 will need long-term care according to the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services. There are differences between assisted living and long-term care. This article discusses the topic--aplaceformom.com/2013-3-4-assisted-living-vs-memory-care by Sarah Stevenson, or call

~~~ Seniors Plan To Fend for Yourself If Hospitalized...When entering you should start planning for your release. It's a mistake to rely on hospital staff. Ask plenty of questions and push for answers..Comments by Mary Naylor, director of the New Courtland for Transitions & Health @ U of PA. Article in Medicare and more,Issue 295/9.6.16,


~~~ Personalized Medicine Coalition Commends Group...U.S. Cancer Moonshot's Blue Ribbon Panel recognized the importance of identifying which patient populations will benefit from the most promising cancer treatments in its accelerating process in the field--personalizedmedicinecoalition.com/ 9.7.16.

~~~  AARP Releases Special Edition: Finance & Retirement Digital Magazine...Readers get access to a complete guide to making financial decisions related to investment and retirement--AARP Publications App and online (cobarnww.com/ 9.7.16.

~~~  Harsh Realities of the U./S. Organ-trafficking Industry Film...Called 'Money Back Guarantee' by Prime Brown, scheduled to open on November 5 in Rosewell, GA. Is said to be a 'spine-tingling' film based on the underground multi-million dollars market--shimodafilms.com/ 9.6.16.

~~~  Consumer Technology Association Foundation & IBM Launch Report Showing How New Technology Can Improve Lives of an Aging Society...Report called 'Outthink Aging' says new technology, partnership, ideas and business models will be needed, including: health, connections, security, dignity and independence--CTAFoundation.tech, or IBMAccessibilitypage/ 9.8.16.

~~~  Preserving Patient History...An article covering the aspects of why, how to do it, by Nora Triephe--caregiver.com / Issue #945/ 8.30.16.

~~~  Clever Tips to Prevent Wandering...Get ready; Prepare the home; Make a path where its safe to wander; Keep walkways well lit; Remove or disable guns; Place medications in a locked door; Remove tripping hazards--Caregiverstress.com or the Alzheimer's Association.

~~~ Giving Proper Care to Mom & Dad...Key areas of concern: Are they healthy?; Are your parents having regular checkups?; Are they taking the correct medications?; Are they eating right?; Are they safe?; Is there a plan for an emergency?; Can they be financially secure?; Are they socializing enough?; Is their paperwork in order?--Caregiver.com #948 / 9.8.16.

~~~  Part D Costs in 2017...Charts show what's up for the Prescription Drug benefits, Standard plan cost sharing & the doughnut hole--ncoa.org + headline/ 9.6.16 (Also see other Headlines on Site).

~~~  The Internet & Loneliness Among Older Adults...Research; Imagine those who never speak to anyone at all; Mitigating loneliness should get more focused; AARP & others trying to help to be more proficient online--aginginplacetechnologywatch.com/ 9.8.16.


​~~~ Your Aging Metabolism...Starts at age 35 and ages faster at an accelerated rate. Some telltale signs: Loss of sexual desire;Trouble sleeping; Cold hands and feet; Hot flashes; Mood swings; A fading memory...and excess body fat, especially around the waist for men, and thighs and hips for women--support@biotrustnews.com/9.5.16.

~~~ Article of Interest to Seniors...From 9.3.16 Senior Living Newsletter published by aplaceformom.com: Family conflicts over elderly parents; Board & care homes for seniors; Seniors Fearful of reporting fraud; Poll of what amenities are most important to seniors + more--call
877-609-5677 for more info.

~~~ What Are Medicare Part D Penalties?...There is a late penalty premium for not joining Medicare Part D drug plan when you first become eligible for Medicare at 65. This article covering this fact in Social Security's "A Guide to Part D Penalties"--mymedicarematters@ncoa.org/9.1.16.

~~~  Stories in Recent Edition of Today's Caregiver...Gone phishin' too; Hiring an in-house caregiver-What you know won't help you; When family pets cannot move with your loved ones...+ more--newsletter@caregiver.com/9.1.16.

~~~  NIH Review on Non-drug Approaches for Treatment of Common Pain Conditions...U.S. study reviews trial results on complementary health approaches for pain relief to assist with pain management--NIHinfo@od.nih.gov, or nccih.nih.gov/pain_review/9.1.16.

~~~  CMS Request For Information...Wants to know info to learn if health care providers/affiliated organizations are steering people elegible for receiving Medicare/Medicaid into individual marketplace plans so they can get higher payment rates--info@justiceinaging.com/by 9.22.16.

~~~  New Book by Longtime Palliative Care Australian Nurse...Illustrates how others have best prepared for the final journey. Book, "As Good As Goodbyes Get-A Window Into Death & Dying" is said by her agent to process her own feelings about death while removing fears and taboos that Western societies often feel (Not reviewed by this editor)--By Joy Nugent; Dorrance Book Store.com either 978-048091372 (softcover $16; or 978-1480917774 e-book, $11).

~~~  Happy Senior Center Month...Happens through September.
Sponsored by National Institute of Senior Centers. Visit one near you to see what goes on--membership@ncoa.org/8.31.16.

~~~  Tips to Overcome Emotional Eating, Lose Weight and Improve Health...Dr. Susan Albers, a nationally recognized psychologist, recommends soaking in Epsom Salt, drinking tea and stocking up on magnesium to rejuvenate, reduce stress and improve emotional intelligence--Full story at pamolowitz@mowers.co, or call






                   FRIDAY,  OCTOBER 21,  2016


~~~ Where to Reach for Florida Help...
* Local Services, * IT Info Sources: * Tools & Tips for Consumers & Caregivers * Programs & Services for Seniors...Dept of Elder Affairs Resources--Quick Resource Guide; Resources for Family Caregivers; Resources by County; Programs & Services; Publications & Reports--Check the Internet Sites.

~~~ Sites to Help Florida Seniors With Legal Services:
* Senior Legal Helpline (888-895-7873)
* Older Floridians Legal Assistance Programs (800-963-5337)
* Florida Bar Lawyers Referral Service (800-342-8011)
* "Certified" Elder Law Practioners (800-850-561-5600)
* Google, Elderaffairs.fl.us/doea/legal_services.pkp.
* FloridaLawHelp.org (Laest Resources).
* Information Latest Resources (Control over healthcare decisions.)

~~~ More Than a Million Ballots Already Requested...Counties have until Sept. 24 to send out both-by-mail ballots to oversea members and civilians. As of 9/19/16, 433,008 vote-by -mail ballots had been requested by Republicans, and 400,422 by Democrats; 169,192 by unaffiliated voters, and 28,000 by people registered with third parties. News Service of Florida.

~~~Legal Challenges Mount Over New Water Standards...Involves new and revised limits in chemicals on waterways which would allow Dept. of Environmental Protection's plan to regulate more chemicals while updating standards for others--News Service of Florida/ 8.24.16.

​~~~ Florida Supreme Court Rules Against Doctor in Patient Suicide...
After eight years, court said her husband can pursue a lawsuit against a physician about care provided before her death, who had depression and hanged himself in a garage in October 2009. Husband said physician breached a "duty of care" resulting in the suicide--
News Source of Florida, 8.25.16.

~~~ HEADLINE NEWS: Judge Ruling Against Gambling Regulations on Card Games...Found 77 gambling overseers were wrong to do away with a governing controversial "designated player" card games years after regulators first approved it; because state law involving this type of gambling is ambiguous, regulators must replace the old rule with a new one. Dispute affects the Seminole Tribe and the State--News Service of Florida, 8.26.16.

~~~ Solar Energy Amendment Faces Opponents...Passed by 72% of voters, opponents are claiming amendment does not reduce competition or expand regulations to help the monopoly power of electric utilities and does not benefit a free market--News Service of Florida.

~~~ Arbitration Rejected in Nursing Home Resident Injuries...2nd Court of Appeals says a case can go to trial instead of arbitration (even though the defendant signed an agreement for arbitration). Such cases have been litigated in recent years, with plaintiff attorneys often seeking to take case to juries instead of arbitration--News Service of Florida/92.16

~~~ Challenge to New State Water Standards Tossed Out...An administrative law judge has rejected a series of challenges to new controverial state water-quality standard; sides with Dept. of Environmental Protection on procedural grounds. Dismissed challanges filed by Seminole Tribe of Florida, City of Miami, Martin County and FL Pulp & Paper Association Environmental Affairs, Inc.--News Services of Florida / 9.14.16.

~~~ Florida Elder Law Updates for August & September, 2016...
   * 9/20- Medicare Opens Enrollment begins October 15.
   * 8/21-Social Security Administration reverses text message requirements
   * 8/20-New Digital Assets Law
   * 8/9- Supreme Court rules homestead property sale proceeds safe from secure creditors...Karplaw.com/page/elder-law-updates.


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ISBN-13: 978-1628624076, 251 pages, Rose Publishing.

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REVOLUTIONARY GRANDPARENTS (Generations Healing Autism With Love and Hope)...Collected by Helen Conroy and Lisa Joyce Goes. Nineteen stories from extraordinary families are presented. This is a one-of-a-kind and upbeat collection of mini-memories written by and for the grandparents of Autistic kids. The contributors describe what it is like to watch their grandchildren regress into autism, and the recount the successes as well as the challenges they face. No two stories are alike in their details, but each one is similar in its honesty, passion, and overwhelming hope.
ISBN: 978-1-5107-0538-8. 166 pages. Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., New York, NY.

THE PURPOSE IS PROFIT-The Truth About Starting and Building Your Own Business...by Ed "Skip" McLaughlin, Wyn Lydecker and Paul McLaughlin. Offers ambitious readers direct insight into the startup process, and how it really works by eliminating the mystery of becoming an entrepreneur. The authors, proven entrepreneurs,  distill step-by-step process to start, fund and grow the right business for readers. Includes "The StartUp Roadmap and The StartUp Funding Guide. Uses four sections; Prelaunch; Launch and Early Stage; Growth Stage; and Exit, to tell their story.
ISBN: 9781-62634-290-3 (print) , 301 pages, Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press (Austin, TX)

~~~ BEAT OSTEOPORIS WITH EXERCISE...by Dr. Karl Knopf.  This book provides the secrets to staying active as you age. It's a low-impact program for building strength, increasing basic density and improving posture. There are 100 step-by-step exercises with 300 photos, divided into detailed fitness plans, age appropriate. The author has worked with trainers dealing with older adults to help keep them physically fit because he feels that no matter what the person's age, the procedures for maintaining bone strength and density are about the same; the only difference is the intensity of strength training.
ISBN 1398612435558, $15.95, 144 (17-1/2 X 9-1/4" ) pages, Ulysess Press, Publishing. Distributed by Publishers Group West.

~~~ LIFE THROUGH LASAGNA EYES...by Samantha A. Kendall (Sam...The Lasagna Lady). The author uses the "recipes of life" as a journey of how she overcame adversities and tragedy in her personal life. She uses eight chapters (layers) to transmit a message; and also uses life's recipes as a set of instruction for preparing guidelines and a list of steps to help along the way. Her personal inscription to this reviewer, "Many Layers of Sauces for You," tells a short story of what she writes about...A special adoration to God)
ISBN 9780692599037, 05 pages, Piaott Publishing 

~~~ BODYWHEALTH (Journey to Abundance)...by Dr. Roddy Carter, MD. Explains the science of WHealth and outlines the road to attain it. Author draws on experience preparing athletes for peak performance at the Olympic Games. He gives readers seven powerful keys to unlock the best possible you based in evolutionary principles and scientific evidence. Broken down into four major sections.
ISBN 978-0-9969889-0-2, 251 pages. Aquila Life Science Press Edition.

~~~ JOEY VISITS GRANDPA...by Patricia Nichvolodoff (Illustrated by Shannen Marie Paradero). New children's book tells a humorous and heart-warming story about the special relationship between Joey and his grandfather. It's a story to be read by a grandchild with his/her grandparents. 
ISBN 978-1-4907-5910-4, 25 pages, A picture book, Trafford Publishing

~~~6 WEEK MONEY CHALLENGE OR YOUR PERSONAL FINANCES...by Steve Repak, CFP. Provides clear steps that help people understand their finances in accordance with their personal goals and beliefs. Author reveals what the Bible has to say about spending, saving, and giving as his simple, step-by-step program is founded on biblical principles, paired with a CFP's understanding of modern wealth-management strategies...ISBN 978-1-4245-5115-6, 159 pages, $14.99 (Hardcover),, Broadstreet Publishing Group, LLC.

~~~ PURPOSE PIE (Really Living in the Sweet Spot of Life),,,by Steve Douglas. Author discussed how to go from ego-lead fear to spirit-led faith in this new book that inspires individuals to find their true purpose in life. Individuals are given advice on how to discover their identity through personal stories from the author's past youth and adulthood, and he hopes that he can encompasses an inner peace for all his readers. Features 13 chapters written for all ages in hope that any person can grow into who they are meant to be.--ISBN 978-1-5127-094-8, 149 pages, $13.95. Available in softcover, hardcover and e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Westbow Press.

~~~ GOD: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY: AS TOLD TO A PHILOSOPHER...by Dr. Jerry L. Martin. Author asks "God is Calling-Are You Ready to Answer?" He reveals God's presence in every culture, every religion, every world and a way to religious peace through a series of stunning revelations. Readers discover: God is present in all or our lives, communicating through multiple cultures and religions; how different religions can learn to get along; how he began a relationship with God with a love story why sin does not need to be forgiven; the reality of reincarnations, and the existence of an afterlife in heaven; and how anyone can become closer to God. Loved the relationship between his unseen God and himself through  a conversational technique.--ISBN 978-0-9967253-0-9, 362 pages, $TBA, Caladiumm Publishing Co., LLC. Available online as an E-
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~~~ BECOMING A SAGE (Discovering Life's Lessons One Story at a Time)...by Sharon Wegscheider-Cruse...The author has helped countless people heal from their painful pasts and forge a better tomorrow for themselves, as well as her own life's journey. In nine chapters and 126 stories will help you become a "sage" that's courageous and confident; someone who has reached a time of inner wisdom and peace and yet wants more. It will help you realize your radiant vitality and worth in the world
ISBN-3:978-0-7573-1404-4, 294 pages, $15.94, heibooks.com.
~~~ THE ULTIMATE RETIREMENT GUIDE...by Dave D'Antoni.  Subtitled: How to Make the Most of the Next Third of Your Life, who states "I have always believed it was easier to learn from the mistakes of others. I only wish I could have been better at actually doing it." Uses 43 Chapters divided into four sections covering retirement is worth working hard for and when achieved, is too valuable to waste even a little of. The first two sections are very valuable, and the last two are options of what you like to do best in certain sports. Uses clean large modern type to make it easy to read.
ISBN 978-1491045626, 321 pages.

~~~HOSPICE: THE LAST RESPONDER, by Ellen Jane Windham.  This Hospice nurse and author offers patients and families a comprehensive guide to all things about hospice care. The author captures the true essence of hospice care and explains everything readers need and want to know about the process, putting loved ones at ease. The book, the author says, will help you turn the fear and pain of losing someone you love in a memorable and even joyous event for family and friends to cherish and pass to each generation that follows--ISBN: 978-1-5127-1858-4, $17.95, 187 pages. Available at Amazon and other book stores.

~~~ DAILY STRENGTHENING: 6 Keys to Balance Core Muscles for Optimal Health...by Alice Ann Dailey (with illustrations by Megan Dailey). Book is based on the author's educational teaching and practical experience. Provides three difference parts: Health Awareness, The Way It Works; Lesson Plans, and features 39 illustrations. It's a book for those who want to help themselves maintain a good and healthy life, and to empower people with knowledge and understanding of the body's systems and alignment. And that the author does. She also has illustrations for the lesson plans that make it all simple to do.
-- ISBN13: 978-1-61254-864-7, $22.95, 212 pages, Brown Books Publishing Group. 

~~~ THE CHAIR ROCKS--A Manifesto Against Ageism...by Ashton Applewhite.  Summed up, this book is about being proud of your age. The author's chapters (listed below), tell it like it is: The Problem with Ageism; Our Ages Ourselves-Identity; Forget Memory-the Older Brain; Health, Not Youth-the Older Body; No Expiration Date-Sex and Intimacy; Not Done Yet-the Workplace; Long Life is a Team Sport-the Independence Trap; The Bull Looks Different-the End of Life; Occupy Age! Beyond Ageism. It really is a call for our whole society--ISBN 978-0-9969347-D-1 51995. $19.95, 278 pages, Networked Books
~~~THE CAREGIVING TRAP-Solutions for Life's Unexpected Changes. by Pamela D. Wilson. Offers guidance for one of the most significant and misunderstood topics of our day: Caregiving. It combines her authentic life and professional experience supporting thousands of overwhelmed and frustrated older adults and family caregivers by this popular radio producer and host. Features 12 chapters of "Tale of The Caring Generation" or an "Insight"  at the end of each chapter--ISBN 978-1-63047-535-2, 52195 $21.95, Morgan James Publishing. 

~~~ LISTENING FOR WHAT MATTERS (Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care) ...by Saul J. Weiner and Alan Schwartz.  Covers ten years of empirical research based on hundreds of recorded doctor visits by patients and undercover actors alike, which revealed a widespread disregard of patients' individual circumstances and needs resulting in inappropriate care. These medical errors have been largely undocumented and unaddressed by the American health care system. The aim of this book is to open a dialog between patients, physicians, policy makers, and medical educators, about a serious quality problem--ISBN 978-0-19-022899-6, 213 pages, Oxford Univ Press.

~~~ THE RETIREMENT BOOM...by Catherine Allen, Nancy Bearg, Rita Foley, Jaye Smith. An all-inclusive guide to money, life, and health in your next chapter. The authors include tips, tricks and techniques to help you, including: Understand what's changing in the workplace and workforce today; Make your money last; Renegotiate life at home; Improve and keep your health; Build and leave a legacy; Simplify your life...and much more--ISBN 978-1-63265-016-0 253 pages, $16.99, Career Press.

~~~ IT'S NEVER TOO LATE (Getting Older, Wiser, and Worry-Free in Our Golden Years)...by Scott Page. Author gives easy (and even fun) ways to develop a workable plan for living out our lives with greater peace of mind and security regardless of our current age and station in life. Leave us wondering why we didn't do something about it sooner. Shows us how an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure in helping us live better in our older years.--ISBN 978-1-63047-623-, 147 pages, $14.95.
~~~ CASHING OUT OF YOUR BUSINESS (Your Last Great Deal)...by Kathleen Richardson-Mauro and Jane M. Johnson. You own a successful company, but have you planned for your future and the future of your business?  These two authors are experienced financial and planning experts who will guide you to determine your goals, calculate how much money you need for retirement, maximize the value of your business, understand your options, minimize taxes and fees, and execute the plan.--ISBN 978-1-937454-85-2, 74 pages, $17.95.

~~~ LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE: DIETARY CHANGES PROVEN TO PREVENT AND REVERSE DISEASES...by Don Colbert, MD. Groundbreaking book that reveals how food can help reverse chronic diseases. Learn how through insight and actionable tools that will help readers learn how a well-known diet can beat common illnesses such as: Dementia and Alzheimer's, ADHD and Autism, Mental Illness, Arthritis and Autoimmune Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Fight Cancer--Worthy Publishing, ISBN 978-1-6179-5588-4, 272 pages, $21.99

~~~ A NEW MOURNING: Discovering the Gifts in Grief...by Georgena Eggleston. Some of the author's book endorsers point out that grief is powerful and universal, it lives in the body, and if you're in the grip of grief, read this book. Georgena writes that grief does not have to be constant and that although that's how you feel in this moment, she relates four unique, simple tools in her book to move beyond your grief: practical self-care strategies, listening touch, discovery and curiosity, and object permanence. These new strategies may help you during your period of grief--
Balboa Press & at most booksellers.
​ISBN 978-1-5043-3028-2

~~~ ORGANIZING YOUR FAMILY LEGACY...by Edward C. Meyers & Sharon K. Nick.  A practical action plan for those you leave behind.  Perhaps the best book I have ever seen on this subject. There are 257 pages broken down by these chapters: Personal Information; Financial Information; Insurance; Health & Medical Care; Government Benefits; Estate Planning; In the End; It's Your Funeral; Organizing the Family Information  and Documents; Safe Deposit Box; Your Legacy Organizer; Estate Review Checklist; Personal Matters; To the Next Generation; Your Pets; Remember Me; Identity Theft, and a very long 31-page Reference Guide at the end. This spiral-bound book should be used by every senior family head to help in transferring assets and information after passing away. --
ISBN 978-0-9911491-0-0 52495. Available with a special senior-news-watch.com discount of 20% off the list price of $24.95. Enter OYFL20 at check out; use  www.organizingyourfamilylegacy.com to order or contact apepress.com for more info--BB

NOTE: Also available in "Your Legacy Organizer" to ensure that your documents are stored safely. It has a secure buckle to keep everything inside and comes with a convenient "grab and go" handle. It accommodates 21 file pockets to secure all your documents. 

~~~ BILLS , QUILLS AND STILLS: An Annotated, Illustrated, and Illuminated History of the Bill of Rights...by Robert McWhirter. Author, an expert criminal and immigration attorney, writes on "What American Citizens Must Know About Their Rights". It is never too late to learn how this part of the Constitution was created by the framers of this remarkable document. It is a most outstanding analysis and is really divided into two parts (the story and how the author backed it up).  This reader was thoroughly engaged in both parts of the presentation; however, it will take a lot of patience to go through the second part which appears on each page under the story. This is material that they never taught when seniors went to school eons ago, and it's the juicy stuff missed in history classes--
website: billsofrightshistory.com 





Florida First


High Quality Home
Health  Care Services
* Alzheimer/Dementia Care
* Transferring/Bathing/
* Personal Care/Housekeeping
* Errands & Transportation
* Live-In/Hourly Care
* Veteran's Assistance/Respite * Hospice
* Post-Rehab or Hospital Care
* Short term or long term-
       ...And Much More!



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POSITIVE THINKING WILL NEVER CHANGE YOUR LIFE...BUT THIS BOOK WILL!...by David Essel. Author covers the myth of Positive Thinking...the Reality of Success. . He combines 30 years of work in the field of personal growth along with stories from some of the top authors and success experts. He reveals that the real secret to success requires much more than positive thinking, affirmations or vision boards, and that no one ever made a million dollars, got the perfect body or found their soulmate through positive thinking alone. There is a place beyond wishful thinking and fantastical affirmations. 
ISBN 9781523395859m 215 pages, $9.95

SIMPLE AWAKENING - Thee Power of Inner Science...by Michael Linenberger. Author explains how the silence and the resulting bliss and spontaneous improvements in life are the early and very practical stages of awakening--spiritual awakening. He found the establishment of deep supporting inner silence in his daily awareness is incredibly transformational without being "out there."
As such, work became easy, life became easy, and all striving ceased; all fears and doubts disappeared, unconditional happiness--bliss-moved in. It took three years for the transformation to take place.
ISBN  978-0-9833647-4-0, 1192 pages, $14.95, New Academy Publishers, Santa Fe NM. 

NEAR  DEATH IN THE ICU (Stories from Patients Near Death and Why We Should Listen to them)...by Dr. Laurin Bellg.  "A seasoned doctor takes on the head-scratching phenomenon of near-death experiences. She argues persuasively that patients should be accorded dignity when their stories about these bizarre but often transformative experiences are acknowledged rather than dismissed ."(Kirkus Review). Amazon.com rating 4.7 out of 5 starts. "No one has addressed so well the need to offer a helpful response to those reporting a near-death experience." (Janice Holden, EdD, Editor of Journal of Near-Death Studies.)

ISBN 978-0-996510-0-1, 209 pages, $15.95, Sloan-Press. Appleton, WI

LETTERS FROM MADELYN (Chronicles of a Caregiver)...by Elaine K. Sanchez.  An interesting new way to tell a story...via letters from the caregiver (Madelyn, the wife) of her patient (Quentin, husband) and what was happening during his 6-1/2 years after he suffered a debilitating stroke plus having prostate cancer, to her daughter. Madelyn's letter-story is not a "how-to" or "feel-good" book about caregiving, but a gritty, raw story about the day-to-day life of a 70-year-old woman and what she went through caring for her husband. Madelyn joins the approximately 43.5 million adults providing unpaid care to an adult or child. It was published to help people find hope, humor and heart of a caregiver, writes Elaine.
ISBN 978-1-60808-166-0, 309 pages, $17.95, writelife publishing.

POWER OVER PAIN (The Method for Whole-Body Healing)...by Dr. Michelle DiBiase. This graduate of Georgia State University and the Life College of Chiropractic, develops a simple approach to identifying and resolving pain when she noticed most of her patients had pain  charged by emotions, not physical ailments. She uses seven chapters to explain her method as an instructional resource for resolving chronic pain in five simple steps so that they don't come back.
ISBN 978-1-5043-4437-1, 95 pages, #11.99. Balboa Press.

WINTER SUN: A Memoir of Love and Hospice...by Phil Rice. The author basically relates his personal journey of he and his fiancee and companion (Janice) passage through their fight with her brain tumor via hospitals and finally hospice plus their love for each other. The story is both heartbreaking and uplifting. Topics explored and covered include: Why Hospice is about life and love; Confronting religious beliefs around loss; acceptance as a means of preventing needless pain and suffering; why stay  present and involved is important, even when a loved one is unconscious; and how the actual miracle in dying is love.
ISBN 978-0-9971695-1-5, 164 pages, $14.95, Canopic Publishing.

SIMPLE AWAKENING:The Power of Inner Silence...by Michael Linenberger.  This a surprising story of a businessman's unexpected leap into "Simple Awakening". He discovers a deep and profound inner silence entering his life, which grows stronger and stronger. From that silence, a fundamental set of life transformations emerged. Work became easy, life became easy, and all striving ceased, all fears and doubts disappeared, unconditional happiness--bliss-moved in.
ISBN 978-0-9833647-4-0, 192 pages, $14.95, New Academy Publishers, Sante Fe, New Mexico.  
THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRONIC PAIN TREATMENTS...by Cindy Perlin, LCSW.  The best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free. This book is dedicated to those who suffer needlessly from chronic pain. The author found in a recent survey that 104 US medical schools for which curriculum data were available, 20% offered no pain education at all, while only four schools offered  a required course on pain. She uses 16 chapters to describes chronic pain as defined by the International Association for the Study of Pain..."as pain that persists beyond normal tissue healing time, which is assumed to be three months."  She presents the best information she could find on the promise and perils of available treatments for chronic pain.
ISBN 978-0-9966862-0-4, 296 pages, $17.95 Morning Light Books, LLC, Delmar, NY.

THE FINAL HURDLE-A Physician's Guide to Negotiating a Fair Employment Agreement...by Dennis Hursh, ESQ. Covers these subjects: Compensation and Benefits; Restrictive Covenants; Call Coverage; Defining What Is Expected of You; The Term of the Agreement; Other Issues In Agreements To Watch Out For; Malpractice Insurance; and Private Practice Issues. An engaging book in which a physician's attorney since 1992 pulls back the curtain and tells physicians what they need to know before they sign an employment agreement. Includes 10 key questions-
A checklist for a physician's employment agreement.
ISBN 978-1-59932-313-8, 122 pages, Advantage Publishers.

THE LONGEST MILE: A Doctor, a Food Fight, and the Footrace that Rallied a Community Against Cancer...by Christine Meyer, MD. Named after the final mile in the legendary Broad Street Run in Philadelphia, the author takes us from her darkest hours to spread a message of hope throughout the world. Here are the insights she offers: When you're feeling hopeless is when the magic can happen; You've heard that scary word: Cancer; Create a movement; Social media harnessed for good; It's not about the stuff. Her story  will make you laugh, cry, and inspire many to join the fight against cancer and to make a difference throughout the world.
ISBN: 9781-63152-043-31, 218 pages, $16.95, She Writes Press.

~~~ STORIES FOR GRANDPARENTS AND OTHER CHILDREN...by Jennifer Bell. It's a collection of atmospheric stories, set on Dartmoor, for grandparents and children to enjoy together: "Left Behind"- A village, two boys and a house martin too young to join the Autumn migration. "The Little Christmas Tree"- A small tree struggles to grow in a rocky crevice and longs to be chosen as a Christmas tree. "Twonk"-Oliver is astonished one day when his terrapin, Twonk talks to him.
ISBN 978-0-9934032-5-5, 87 pages. 
Available on Amazon, as well as other book, "Pot Luck".

~~~ MAIN STREET ENTREPRENEUR: 9 KEYS TO SUCCESS STRATEGY GUIDE...by Mike Glauser... Helps build your dream company doing what you love where you live. Entrepreneurs share their lessons learned from coast-to-coast interviews with over 100 small business owners. Here are four of the nine key strategies to success they gathered from their amazing trip: Start With a Purpose; Build on what you know; Launxch opportunities not ideas; and Develop your supporting cast.
ISBN-13: 978-1-59918-590-3 (Hard cover); 216 pages; Entrepreneur Publishers.

~~~ GET BACK UP...by George A Santino with M.J. Beaufrand.  Relates his employment history from the streets to Microsoft Suites.  I couldn't put this book down as Santino offers an inspiring, honest and often humorous rags-to-riches story. The author states: "My book is intended for anyone facing a challenge in life who is having difficulty coming back from that challenge." He has been a fast food restaurant manager, life insurance salesman, realtor, sports bar owner, liquor salesman, shoe repair owner, real estate investor, software tester, software engineering manager and Microsoft partner, with a lot of ups and downs.
ISBN-13: 978-1-62634-276-7, 332 pages, Greenleaf Book Group Press.

~~~ THIS WAY UP...by Patti Clarke. Seven tools for unleashing your creative self and transforming your life. A story of healing for women who yearn to lead a fuller life, accompanied by a workbook designed to help readers work through personal challenges, discover new inspiration, and harness their creative power. Includes 12 weeks' worth of daily journaling exercises, thought-provoking questions and reader support. She offers seven tools: Visualization; Heart-Centered Goal Setting; Be Happy Now; Meditation on Love and Compassion; Frames of Forgiveness; Gratitude; and Uploading and Downloading from the Source-taking action on Inspiration.
ISBN:  978-1-63152-028-01, 316 pages, $16.95. She Writes Press.

~~~ IN THE DISTANCE--WHY WE STRUGGLE THROUGH THE DEMANDS OF RUNNING, AND HOW IT LEADS US TO PEACE...by Dave Griffin. Author discusses the unknown and sometimes shocking benefits of running for people of all ages, from high school teens to retirees. Running, he reports, provides health and physical benefits, but what we may not know is the intrinsic benefits you receive in the your personal and professional life by having a running "routine", even when you are older. Your running journey will pass through the same stages over the course of our lives - innocence, fear, struggle, clarity and peace.
ISBN 9780692570975, 183 pages, Available though Amazon.
~~~ HIGHER-AWAKEN TO A MORE FULFILLING LIFE...by Charles G. Hanna. The author discusses finding a higher perspective, a higher power and a higher purpose with a candid, practical and inspiring guide to creating a richer and more meaningful life. It's an easy-to-read, yet impactfull blend of spirituality, common sense and science to show how we can achieve and sustain a state of joy and growth higher in eight sections Author draws on both his life experience and his understanding of human nature, neuroscience, and life management.
ISBN 13 9781927958711m 205 pages, $15.95, Distributed by Publishers Group West.

~~~ THE DANGEROUS BOOK FOR GRANDADS...BY J.C. Jeremy Hobson. There are many things you can do with your grandchildren that will surprise you, as we learn what we can do besides work with computers and the modern stuff available today. Here are the 15 chapter categories covered: Birds, Beasts and Bugs; Bish, Bash, Bosh-Build Something; Competition Challenge; Curiouser and Curiouser; Earth, Wind and Fire; Explore the Big Outdoors; Fishing for Fun; High Flyers-Take to the Air; Hubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble-Cook Something; Like a Duck to Water; Take Cover-It's Dangerous Indoors; Unwilling to School; Whittle While You Work; Create a Scrapbook; More Resources
ISBN 9781910226414, Oversized 182 pages, $18.50  Centralbooks.com.

~~~  3D PRINTING WILL ROCK THE WORLD...by John Hornick. Although they have been around for 30 years it is said to be on the verge of another earth-shattering revolution that the author says will restructure the way the world operates on an economic and personal level. While still in its infancy,  readers will discover how it will revolutionize product design, its benefits, why more companies will use it, examples of its use, and the good and dark side and its interplay with the law, including crime and national security.
ISBN 9781516946792, 364 pages, 10 Chapters, $24.95. Available from Amazon. 

~~~ BEVERLY HILLS CONCENTRATION CAMP...by Randi Maggid. A healing journey and memoir. A story to encourage people to realize that can heal themselves on levels deeper that ever though  possibly tapping into that inner voice inside us all, through creativity and faith, we have the capability of activating the power to change our situation, says its author. It is a witty memoir and relates one women's experiences of healing her mind, body and soul.
ISBN 078-0-9969693-0-7, 341 pages, Published by Flying Squirrel Publishing. 

~~~ DOCTOR, SAY WHAT?...by Larry Altshuler, M.D.  Guides American health care consumers though the dysfunctions of the system to help them obtain the best possible care from medical professionals, and empowers them to understand and navigate the health care delivery system in order to advocate for themselves or loved ones. It breaks down what works-and what doesn't-to protect people from wasting their precious resources and suffering needlessly. Covers over 90 ailments.
ISBN 978-1519269997, 655 pages. Available on Amazon.

~~~ THE NECK & BACK PAIN SOLUTION...by Dr. Jonathan Donath, DC, MS.  Everything you need to know about non-surgical spinal decompression therapy. Includes anatomy lesson; typical medical model for back pain; spinal decompression; therapies to spinal decompression; core strengthening exercises and stretches. Includes patient testimonials.
ISPN-13 978-0-9861281-5-8, $19.95, 164 pages,  

~~~ AGING WISELY, Facing Emotional Challenges from 50 to 85+ Years of Age...by Viola Meeke, PhD, ABPP. Serves as a guide for navigating the emotionally challenging situations that come with growing older, and examines the myriad life changes that lead many older adults to feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. "Aging offers a unique opportunity to know ourselves better. A different perspective on life comes as we become better acquainted with our inner self," Mecke says.

Great read...One of the best books I've read on Aging--BB

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris.
ISBN 978-1-4931-142S-2

~~~ THE CON GAME A Failure of Trust...by T.S. Laham. Elder mistreatment--ranging from physical abuse and neglect to financial fraud--is a silent epidemic in the U.S. The author exposes it and shows you how to protect yourself, your property, and your loved ones. Here are  things she discusses: the trouble with conservatorships
and guardianships for elders who can no longer manage their own affairs; Act now to protect yourself later; What to do if an elderly loved one becomes a victim; Scam detection 101: How to recognize some of the most common scams against the elderly.
ISBN 978-1-4834-1723-3
Lulu Publishing Services,
rev, date: 10/29/14.
~~~ BRAHA: TALE OF INNOCENCE AND INTRIGUE...by Julie Mangano. Mouthwatering fruit of the Family Tree leads to an unforgettable tale of intrigue and passion.  A German peasant isolated in feudal Russia makes a risky connection with an army officer that leads to life on the run, pursued by the secret police. A century later, her great-great-granddaughter, Linden, discovers an old journal that hurtles her into danger, when layers of clues and secrets surface to expose the connection. It's a book that you won't put down until the end. Available from Amazon.com 1494943379.

Ranges from physical abuse and neglect to financial fraud which has become a silent U.S. epidemic. One to two million of those 65+ who have been mistreated by someone they trust, experts say, and only one in 25 cases are reported to authorities. Discussed are "The Trouble wih conservatorships 
and guardianships for those
who can not conduct their own affairs. Act now to protect yourself later; what to do if an elderly, loved one becomes a victim; scam detection 101; how to recognize some of the most common scams against the elderly--
A paperback book written last year, 267 pages , $24.95, ISBN978-1-4834-1723-3A

~~~ MAKING HEALTHY CHOICES FOR SENIOR LIVING...by Kenneth D. Barrinager, PhD​. Retired clinical psychologist encourages seniors to look at choices that affect retirement. Provides readers guidance for making the average 20 years in retirement fulfilling.  
ISBN: 978-1499076622 at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Xlibris
~~~ OH MY GOD, I'M GETTING OLDER AND SO IS MY MOM...by Scott Greenberg (Senior Advocate & Radio Show Host)
Addresses topics as diverse as dealing with sibling rivalry, sex after sixty, funeral options, the value of volunteerism, along with other situations you never thought you would need to deal with as a senior...with some practical advice.
ISBN 978-1-884886-64-5

~~~ AGING, HEALTH CARE, AND YOU!...by Martin S. Finkelstein, MD (A practicing geriatric physician in a busy medical center environment). This one-of-a-kind book deals with aspects of health care that have been identified as being of concern to today's seniors and their families. It was inspired by what actually bothered and confused older patients regarding their health, their diseases, and their problems dealing with our health care system.
ISBN 8-978-1470061944



​ ​​S e n i o r - N e w s - W a t c h . c o m

* General Services
  Feeding, Dressing,               Toileting, Transferring,       Ambulatory, Bathing
* Skilled Nursing Services
  Medication Management,   Wound Care, Infusion         Therapy, Alzheimer's &       Dementia, RN Assessment, 
RN/LPN Hourly Care,
Long-Term Care Policy Review
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~~~ Instagram for Business...Tips to market your business with social photos + videos...Use to reach new customers and grow sales with a social media market strategy. What does Instagram do for you?--manta.com/resources/small-business-advice + headline, 10.18/16 article by Brian Lindamood.

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~~~ Uninsured Long-Term Care is 'Eating' Real Estate by the Square Foot...So reports ACISSA Partners LLC. Ratios vary be region. Average median price for U.S.homes is now $240,200 with a median 2,476 sq. ft. per home--acsiapartners.com/quote/10.20.16.

~~~ Care Boundaries Blur As Providers Morph to Match Payment Types...Nursing home avoidance continues for both investors and care recipients; Assisted living increasingly provides health-related services; Home care agencies see increasing greater frailty and oversight complexity. what's missing from this picture-the individual's profile and care evolution--

aginginplacetechwatch, 10.19.16.

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~~~ NIH Awards Will Enhance  Understanding Nerve Control Organ Function...They will fund $20 million in peripheral nervous system research. The insight gained from these cutting-edge, collaborative projects will accelerate development of methods and devices to treat diseases--nih Other Transactions and Cooperative Agreement Award mechanisms, 10.6.16.

~~~ Keeping the Bathroom Safe for Elderly Seniors...One of the most dangerous rooms.  Read this article to take a closer look for your client's safety issues--caregivernewsletter, Issue #558, 10.19.16. 

~~~ Webinar: Non-Emergency Transportation for Medicaid Beneficiaries...Held Thursday, Nov 3, 2 pm ET will review the increasingly component of health care for low-income older adults and people with disabilities to access the benefit--
attendees, gotowebinar.com/registration/629929?10690971105 (justiceinaging.com).

~~~ CMS Releases New Data to Increase Transparency on Medicare Hospice Payments...As well as the third release of the Market Situation & Utilization Data Tool. Data serves as comprehensive resource information on payments and utilization--cms.gov/Newsroom/MediaReleaseDaatabase/Factssheets/2016-Fact-sheets-items/2016-10-6.html.


~~~ NIH Changing the Name of the PMI Cohort Program to the "All of Us Research Program"...Name reflects how "all of Us" will come together to change the future of health care--NationalInstitutes of Health.com, 10.14.16.

~~~ New Health Tech Insider Highlights...EEG Signals Control Nanorobot Drug  (Video); Amputees control computers with prosthesis add-on (Video); Energy-efficient biomedical sensor hub; Implants powered by Sound--healthtechinsider.com, 10.14.16.

~~~ HHS Finalizes Streamlined Medicare Payment System That Rewards Clinicians for Quality Patient Care (CMS-5517-F))...MACRA rule will accelerate health care system's shift toward value-

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​~~~ CMS Rural Health Solutions Summit Meets...Held October 19 at CMS headquarters in Baltimore, MD, and will bring stakeholders for all sectors of the health care industry to engage in an in-depth discussion about ways to improve access to care in rural america--
register: mitre.org/cms_Rival_Health_Solutions_summit/Index digital. 

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~~~ Forum: How to Work Together to Ensure Economic Security and Dignity for All Older Adults...Takes place November 15, 2016 from 1 to 5 pm at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation's Barbara Jordan Conference Center in Washington, DC. Features three panels--info@justiceinaging.com, 10.6.16.

~~~ CMS's 25th Anniversary of Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey and a Bright Future Ahead Celebration...Had its one millionth beneficiary interview which was first fielded in 1991. This in-person survey of 15,000 Medicare beneficiaries collects valuable info about aspects of the Medicare program that cannot be analyzed based on CMS administration data alone--
See complete story by Nicall Brennan, Chief Data Officer cms.gov, 9.29.16.

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~~~ Are You Using Facebook's New Conversion Pixed?..Introduced last year to their advertising platform, but caused a lot of confusion. Use this post to learn more about it--support@digitalmarketer.com / 10.7.16.

~~~ U.S. Defined Contribution Distribution 2016...Assets Managers & Record keepers engaging boutique DC in the Midsized DC plan market. Explores the opportunity for DC plan asset and revenue growth despite a challenging backdrop of intense competition and fee pressures--
cerulliassociates.com, or call 617-437-0084.

~~~ Way to Get Found With Search Keywords...Optimize your SEO and SEM campaigns with the right keywords for your business. Do the legwork; Keep it local; Value prop; Easy Does It; Tails win; Not top dog; A good read; Beg the question; Circle back--manta.com, 10.9.16.



~~~ How to Grow Your Hobby Into a Small Business...A pastime activity can inject the right amount of creativity, relaxation, fun into our daily routine and become more than just a hobby--wix.com/2016/09 + headline, 9.27.16.

~~~ Know Exactly What Your Customers Want to Buy From You...A 6-step market research plan (and workbook) so you know what you should sell them next--support@digitalmarketer.com, 9.27.16.

~~~ Webinar: App Fan the Flame as HL7 FHIR Spreads...Held Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 2pm ET, 1 Hour for this interoperability event and explore: What FHIR and travel websites have in common; How companies are using it in innovative ways The future of interoperability in health care--
Hosted by HiMSS & sponsored by Intersystems.com, (call 312-664-4467).

~~~ Webinar: Protection of Section 1557...Affects the obligation of Medicare & Medicaid programs and providers serving older adults. Held Tuesday, October 27, 2016, 2 pm ET. Looks at which programs and entities are affected, and more--
info@justiceinaging.com, 10.3.16.

~~~ CMS Headlines...National coverage analysis (screening for Hepatitis B virus infection and Medicare approved facilities/Trials/Registries (VAD Destination Therapy Facilities)--
cms.gov, 9.28.16.

~~~ Is There Growth Despite the Moratoria?...Expanded its certifying new agencies and is now in effect statewide in four states. Action will force organizations looking to enter or expand into these markets--rick Chesney@HealthMR.com, 9.29.16.

~~~ Real-Time, Competitive Analytics & Pricing Platform...Launched by Lender Price@MBAAnnualConvention in Boston, MA, October 23-26, 2016. Allows wholesalers and correspondent lenders, banks and credit unions to manage products and pricing for all mortgage types with powerful performance features
--lenderprice.com or e-mail: contact@lender;price.com, 10.3.16.

~~~ Clinical Integration: Myths and a Blueprint for Success...Health care providers are rethinking the concept of clinical integration and are looking at health care reforms, new payment methods and advances in health information technology. Learn the difference between myth and fact in this resource--pages.HiMSS.org, 10.3.16.

~~~ Things to Know About Health Savings Accounts in 2017...People are increasingly interested in HSAsm and the health plan that makes it possible. Learn about HSAs in this article by Whitney Richard Johnson, Esq.--lifehealthpro.com/2016/9/30 + headline.


~~~ Watching the Home Care Industry Slowly (or Quickly) Morph...Industry is in transition because of longer-lived population, worker scarcity, low wages, retiring franchise owners--aginginplacewatch.com, 10.1.16

~~~ Wearable Tech Insider Weekly Update...Qualcomm is stalking NXP, maker of automotive and NFC chips Android Wear 2.0 delayed until 2017; Is Jawbone near the end?; A rebranded Snapchat launches spectacle's wearable camera--dan@centerringmedia.com, 9.30.16, or wearableinsider.com.

~~~ Leveraging the Cloud for Enterprise Imaging Strategy...With this whitepaper you'll explore the cloud's scalability and accessibility. Stronger continuous data security, How much more cost-effective the cloud is than a traditional data center--HIMSS (HealthcareITNews, 9.30.16.

~~~ Promote Your Content and Significantly Increase Your Traffic and Revenue...Utilizing a real-time bidding symptom when your content is distributed on how much you want to spend doing so; pay only for clicks you receive--Support@newsmaxfeednetwork.com, or call 561-686-1165.

~~~ Marketing Methods That Are Right There Waiting for You...Online with website; Mobile marketing; SEO & SEM; E-mail; Social media; Business listings; Word-of-mouth; Community involvement; In-store promotions; In-store events and print--manta.com/resources/small-business-advice + headline 9.30.16.

~~~ Smartphone Provides Better Than Eye Exam Results...Traditional exam procedures require the use of a hand-held opthalmoscope, which can be tricky to use properly. Another solution is  smartphone device, the D-EYE retinal imaging system. New study shows it much better. Appeared in Journal of Hypertension--healthtechinsider.com, 9.27.16 

~~~ New Report Finds Shopper Spreading Their Dollars Across More Channels & Store Formats...IRI (Information Resources Inc. reports retailers must not only retain current customers, but also move them up the loyalty ladder to drive growth--inworldwide.com/on-USinsights/Publications/Retailers-and - Personalism for full report (Shelley.Hughes@IRIworldwide.com), 9.28.16.

~~~ Ways to Make Better Prospecting Connections...Take a page from the book, "Simplify Your Work Life" for your next annuities sales strategy. Prospecting is more of an art than a science--lifehealthpro.com, 9.29.16. 

~~~ CMS Releases Comprehension Revision of Federal Nursing Facility Regulations...Over 00 pages including explanatory material--
info@jucticeinaging.com, 9.29.16.


~~~ Transforming Clinical Practice Continuing Medical Education Module...Now available for the healthcare provider community and CMS's ongoing efforts to inform providers about the latest initiatives of the Affordable Care Act--
cms.com/ 9.19.16.

~~~ National Center on Law & Elder Rights...Launch coming soon from Justice in Aging; Will provide the legal services and aging & disabilities communities with the tools and resources they need to serve older adults with greatest economic and social needs--info@justiceinaging, 9.27.16.

~~~ ICD-10 Hasn't Killed Healthcare or Physical Skepticism...As yet close to the 1st Anniversary of ICD-10 implementation, it was found most are nonplussed by the effect it has on medical practices. Article covers the subject of efficiency, improved patient care, primary care physicians were more likely to see benefits for ICD-10 coding than specialists-
-ICD10watch.com/blog of 9.27.16 by Carl Natale.

~~~ Ways to Use Amazon for Research...Starting a business? Entering a new market? Need a fresh offer. Rolan Frasier teaches how we can use Amazon to do it--digitalmarketer.com, 9.26.16.

~~~ How to Use Twitter to Boost Word-of-Mouth Marketing...Social media is where customers talk about local businesses and share recommendations, and Twitter provides tremendous help--

~~~ Innovative Content Marketing Hubs from Brando...Article where a website or blog publishes shareable content-articles, images, video. It is a destination where the brand's followers find a steady flow of helpful info or tidbits that go beyond the structure of basic marketing copy--

~~~  Best Practice for Facebook & Instagrams...They are major drivers of brand discovery, engagement and revenue. Learn how to reach new audiences, organize your Facebook, beat out traditional ad performance 73% of its time--curalate.com + head, 9.27.16.

~~~ Habits to Build a Financially Healthy Business...Separate business and personal expenses; Keep good records; Track cash flow carefully; Get insurance--manta.com/resources/small-business-advice + headline, 9.20.16.

~~~ Introducing Wix's New Podcast...Who, What, Wix, episode 0: welcome; Episode 1: Bacon, Beer and Baseball stadiums; Marketing events--wix.com/blog/2016/9, 9.28.16.


~~~ Webinar: (On-Demand)...From Boston Retail Partners. Learn the results of a a study on how to navigate the complexities of delivering a seamless and personalized experience across channels--info.radial.com/ 201609.

~~~ How to Write a Good Blog Post...Here are seven tips: Hit them with a killer headline; Spend time on your intro; Write your text for diagonal reading; Illustrate your text with photos; Emphasize quality over quantity; End on an engaging note;Keep at it--wix.com/blog/2016/p + headline.

~~~ CMS Rural Health Solutions Summit...To be held on Wednesday, October 19, 2016, 9am - 4pm at the CMS headquarters in Baltimore,MD. In-depth discussions about ways to improve access to care in rural America and support innovations on care delivery--cms.contactpage/ 9.26.16.

~~~ Harmonyed Tariff Schedule Updated In the Automated Export System...To accept changes for public la-114-125. Schedule B & HTS tables available, and current list of HTS codes that are not valid for AES is available--census.gov/trade/ 9.26.16.

~~~ 2017 Medicare Advantage Hole Rankings...Some states will have low premiums and low out-of-pocket costs, some won't. CMS officials say they expect the average monthly Medical Advantage Plan premium to fall about 4% in 2017 to $32.59---lifehealthpro.com/2016/09/23 + headline.

~~~ How to Protect Your Customers from Painful Use Tax Audits...A video on the difference between sales tax and use tax and related audit risks and heavy fines to your consumers--manta.com/resources/academy + headline. Article by Pat Falle, Avatara.

~~~ U.S. Labor Department Settlement...Enforces Affordable Care Act of a major western lumber product provider who was providing healthcare benefits and deciding worker claims--dol.gov/agencies/esa, or call 866-444-3272, 9.26.16. 

~~~ Social Security Launches Geo Maps...Complements "Open Government" and "Open Data" initiative. Maps will provide a deeper understanding of programs through geographic representations, increasing the transparency of agency data through a quick, geographic; the transparency of agency data through a quick geographic visualization--socialsecurity.gov + headline, 9.26.16.

~~~ Proposed Settlement Against Social Security for Basing Disability Decisions on Disqualified Doctor's Report...Was the first settlement against SSA to provide a large group (In California) which were denied disability benefits for failure to comply with notice of corrective action--info@justiceinaging.com, 9.26.16.


​~~~ How to Write Content for Your Website...The right combo: Beautiful design; User-friendly UX; Smart control; Homepage (Keep things welcoming and tidy); Tell everyone who you are; Product page-enhance your merchandise with stellar descriptions; Cntact page-made getting in touch easy as pie; Footer-close with style; CTAs-generate action with buttons--wix.com/blog/9.16 + headline.

~~~ Webinar: Google Your Way to Better Digital Marketing Campaigns...Held October 5, 2016, 2 pmET. You'll learn: Google's best digital marketing features; How to rethink about your customer's path to purchase; Advanced strategies for PLAs; Last minute tweaks for holiday campaigns + more--news@multichannelmerchant, or call 885-7075814.

~~~ Webinar: Supplemental Security Income (SSI)...Designed for legal services and advocates. Will cover basic rules which provides modest financial support to older people with disabilities who lack other sources; includes eligibility, benefit calculation, and other sources--info@justiceinaging, Fact sheet program-to be held October 20, 2016, 10amET.

~~~ Webcast-Social Security: How 2016 Filing Charges & Election May Affect Your Recommendations...Takes place October 6,2016, 2pmET. Includes new S/S changes; Filing strategies available; How upcoming presidential elections could affect S/S. Best filing options (+ step-by-step white paper & chart--
For professionals only Gradient Annuity Brokerage, call 844-209-7385, or visit

~~~ 2016 Ecommerce PPC Holidy Checklist...Covers 25 paid search tactics & strategies for a successful winter marketing campaign to amplify your VOI; Blueprint for optional advertising; Maximize impressions; How to use knowledge of your competitors against them; Forecast easy wins + more--
roievolution.com + headline / 9.22.16.

~~~ Webinar: Data-Driven Performance Analytics...Held at NYU Langone Medical Center on Thursday, October 6, 2016, 2pmET, 1 hour. Will explore visual analytics, Role data governance; Centralizing enterprise info & analytics, Empowering extended team members--Hosted by Healthcare IT News; sponsored by Tableau. Call, 312664-4467.

~~~ Facebook Live: How to Use the New Social Media Video Tool...Now is the time for a small business to take advantage of the promotion and try your hand at live video streaming. Some formats used include: Q&A with viewers; Interview with an expert; A panel discussion; Demo your products--
manta.com/research/+ headline.

~~~ Get Your Social Media Strategy in Shape...At min's Social Media Boot Camp (November 10, 10:30 amET until 4:30 PM.) You'll learn best practices and creative solutions for every major social media platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram & Snapchat--
Questions? zsilverman@accessingtel.com, or call 301-354-1662.

~~~ Webinar: Smart Money Management for Small Business Owners...To be held Thursday, Sept. 29, 2 pmET at your desk, your phone or your tablet. Free, 60 minutes with Andrea Travillian who will talk about how you can take control of your personal and business finances in five steps--
Sponsored by Avalara, brighttalk.com/webcast/13731?utm.


~~~ Webinar: What's Happening With Medicare in 2017...Article has some topics, Including: What clients can expect to pay for 2017 coverage; Date and mailings your clients need to understand; Help clients become savvy in choosing plans and understand costs...and more--ncoa.org / ncboewebinars (recording after each event) or centerforbenefits@ncoa.org.

~~~ NIH New Plans for the Conduct & Support of Future Nursing Science...The plan highlights four areas of focus: Symptom science; Wellness; Self-Management, and End-of-Life and palliative care--
nih.gov/news.releases + head, 9.15.16.

~~~ Things to Know About Medicare & Hospice...New rules for how it covers hospice care (available in English & Spanish} Medicare Rights Center has created an accompanying Power Point that counselors can use to train staff/volunteers & consumers on the hospice benefit--medicareinteractive.org, 9.21.16.

~~~ Forum: To Explore How We Can Work Together to Ensure Economic Security for Older Adults and Dignity for All...To be held on November 15, 1-5pm in Washington, DC. A Justice in Aging-produced forum, will take place at the Henry J. kaiser Family Foundation's Barbara Johnson Conference Center--justiceinaging.com (Notice from Kevin Prendeville)

~~~ Webinar: Office 365Healthcare...To be held Sept. 28, 2016, 2 pmET for one hour. You'll see how HIMSS healthcare orgs and patients can benefit from providers using a suite of applications that span conferencing, collaboration, and corporate social networking--Sponsored by sWi; call 312-664-4467.

~~~ Big Flaw in DOL Fiduciary Rule...Annuities take easily hit. Covers DOL rules overriding emphasis on fees to start in April 2017, according to an annuity expert, Moshe Milevsky--lifehealthpro.com / 0.12/16.

~~~ Hospice & Homecare Leadership Summit...To be held on Oct. 10-11 at the Drake Hotel in Chicago, IL. Schedule one-on-one business meetings with senior level executives--See article: leyanad@marcusevanscy.com, 9.16.16.

~~~ HHS Takes Steps to Provide More Information About Clinical Trials to the Public...Final rule specifies requirements for registering for one at U.S. Food & Drug Administration--See article: nih.gov + headline / 9.16.16

~~~ Are Your Most Valuable Customers Hiding in Plain Sight?...An interesting article by Rohan Ayyar about the modern disconnect between sales and marketing about what a lead actually is and the underlying issue is that higher quality ones are worth more--salesforce.com + headline / 9.16.16.


~~~ New Social Media Tools for Merchants...Called "Blueprint Certification" it helps advertisers get thee most out of this Facebook's powerful marketing-platform--facebook.com/business/news/blueprint-certification/ 9.15.16.

~~~ How To Promote a New Website...Create a newsletter; Optimize your website for search-engines; Establish a social presence; Turn followers into promoters; Make mobile a priority; Learn from your site traffic--
wixAppMarket, + Headline/ 9.13.16.

~~~ How Does Business Credit Cards Help Your Credit Score...Convenient way to pay providers; What it means to you; Get yourself an advantage--manta.com/headlines/ 9.13.16.

~~~  HIMSS17 Exhibition...Held Feb. 18-23, 2017 at Orlando/Orange County Convention Center. Discover the cutting-edge solutions & strategies you need to transform health through technology with specialty areas--
Attendee Registration Contract Info, call 1-866-710-0769.

~~~ HHS to Provide More Info About Clinical Trials...Issues final rule that specific requirements for registering certain clinical trials and submitting summary results. Involves U.S. Food  Drug Administration-regulated biological & device products--clinicaltrials.gov.

~~~ Unlimited Business By Sales Leads, Mailing Lists, Email Lists...Try a risk-free trial--More info: saleflower.com.

~~~ Online Business Listings...Your company's listing on the internet by directories (Google, MyBusiness, Facebook, YP.com, Manta & Yelp and on many more will help customers find you online and in the real world--manta.com/resources/small-business-advice-pocket-guide/ 8.29.16.

~~~ Export License Number Validation for Codes &10 and S94...Started Sept. 11, respectively, AES will generate and send response card 809 for the T10 and 568 for the S94; as a verify message when the format is not correct--U.S. Census Bureau's data collection branch, 549-0595, option 1 for AES/ 9.14.16.

~~~ Selling Online Never Looked So Beautiful...Themes from the world's best responsive from big commerce ecommerce, plus six other articles to help with your marketing--EcommerceNotes@Practical ecommerce/ 9.15.16.

~~~ Drowning in Social Media Complaints...Regain control with this 5-step plan: Make social media someone's job; checkout the competition; Don't just talk, listen: Addressing the underlying problem--manta.com/resources + headline/ 9.15.16 story by Brooke Preston, Tip of the Day/Small Business Trends.


~~~ Email Segments that Drive Holiday Sales...A 30-minute webinar to be held Sept. 20. Addresses these key points: Why segment email lists?; Four segmentation strategies; Required data; Overcoming the holiday email crunch; Case studies--practicalecommerces.com/webinar + Headline.

~~~ Ways Your Business Can Ruin Your Personal Credit...Check out these ways: Be careful with personal guarantees; Using personal credit to fund your business; Maxing out your business credit cards Making payments late--manta.com/resources, 9.6.16.

~~~ NIH Award Expands Landmark Alzheimer's Biomarker Study..Alzheimer's Diseases Neuromaging Initiative enters a new base of discovery with recent award of approximately $40 million over the next five years--
nih.gov/news-events + Headline, 9.8.16.

~~~ CMS E-mail Updates...National coverage analysis; Medicare Approved facilities/Trials/Registries; Coverage with evidence development--caginquiries@cma.hhs.gov / 9.8.16. 

~~~  ICDWatch, Issue 36, Vol 8 Headlines...Use healthcare payers going to be on with ICD-10 Denials; Use KPIs to access ICD-10 impact;  Subsequent explanations for ICD-10-CM 7th character--ICD-10watch@ICD10watch.com.

~~~ CMS Finalizes Rule to Bolster Emergency Preparedness...Covers certain facilities participating in Medicare & Medicaid. Increases patient safety during emergencies, and establishes a more coordinated response to natural and man-made disasters--See blog by Dr. Lurie, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response and the CMS Surveys & Certification-Emergency Preparedness webpage / 9.8.16.

~~~ Consumer Technology Association Foundation Launches Contest for Startups Improving Lives of Seniors...And also for those with disabilities. Partners with Extreme Tech challenges to include global startups. This is second annual video contest. Deadline is Sept. 30, 2016--CES.tech / 9.14.16

~~~ CMS News...Competitive Bidding Program Continues to Maintain Access and Quality. Helps save  Medicare millions; Announces new single payment amounts and sending contact offers to successful bidders for Medicare's Round 1, 2017--dmecompetitivebid.com / 9.8.16.

~~~ When Is It OK to Fire An Awful Customer...It can be difficult to break ties with paying clients. However,here are three reasons to end such a relationship: When they're rude or abusive; When they repeatedly pay late or want free work When they're; When they're unresponsive--manta.com/resources/26891 / 9.9.16.


~~~ HHS Celebrates 20th Year of Administration Simplification...Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act of 1996 required the Dept. of Health & Human Services to adopt national standards to improve electronic exchange of health care data...See laws & regulations: CMS.Timeline / 9.12.16.

~~~ Free Online Tools to Create Stunning Social Media Visuals...Here are tools you can use: Infogr.am; Canva (all-in-one design tool); Pablo (Easy social media visuals); Picovico; Quotes cover (the fastest quote maker); BeFunky(photo editor); Geinally (Interactive paradise)--wix.com/blog.

~~~  Webinar: Email Segments That Drive Holiday Sales--Held Tuesday, 9/12/16. Offered four ways to segment an email list during the holidays to increase relevancys and drive revenues up. Sponsored by Bronto--practicalecommerce.com/webinars + headline / 9.12/16.

~~~ Manta Articles to Use in Your Business...Is SEM worth it? (How to calculate your paid research ROI; Competition from New Technology Led Company to Shift Focus and Expand services; How to save time by scheduling social media posts; Get more followers on Facebook & Twitter using social media calendar--
Manta Small Business Trends, 9.12.16.

~~~ Federal Competition Seeks Innovative Ideas to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance..Prizes up to $20 million to develop new laboratory diagnostic tools that detects and distinguish antibiotic resistance bacteria--
NIHinfo@od.nih.gov, 9.8.16, or call 301-496-5787.

~~~ NIH Research Matters Stories...Genetic misdiagnosis of heart conditions in Black America; Tracing Parkinson's Disease progression; Catalog of human genetic diversity expands--nih.gov/nih-research-matters/feed.xmi / 9.6.16. 

~~~ Easy SEO Tips to Boost Your Site in Under an Hour...Choose the right URL; Create titles and descriptions for each page; Utilize anchor text; Add alt tech to all your images; Connect your site to your social channels--wix.com/blog/2016/01/15 + headline / 158036221.

~~~ Webcast: Help Your Clients Meet Their Retirement Goals...Held Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016, 2pm ET, covering "How to Incorporate Life Insurance Into a Retirement Plan", at no charge. Featured speaker: Herbert Daroff, Bystate Financial Planning--lifehelppro.com/webcasts + headline / 1473775389.


~~~ Reasons You're Not Getting Any Web Traffic from Google...How to fix it: What you should know about negative key words; Make sure customers can find you with "Near Me"searches; What posts get the best results on Facebook; How to add photos of your business to Google maps--MantaSmallBusinessTrends/8.6.16.

~~~ NIH Clinical Center & The Smithsonian Institution Partner to Launch Minerals in Medicine Exhibition...Opens Monday, September 12 with ribbon cutting ceremony (4-5pm) Will be there for 18 months--nih.gov/newsevents + headline/ 9.9.16.

~~~ Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses--A pocket guide that can be used by small businesses. Features social media calendar template to attract more customers through a webinar, "Social Media Marketing: Turning 'Likes' into dollars--manta.com/resources/+ headline, 8.23.16.

~~~ CMS News: Next Step for the Sate Innovation Models Initiative Request for Information...Agency is seeking from all interested parties on many concepts. Submission by October 28, 2016--innovations.cms.gov/Filesx/sim-rfi.pdf/ 9.8.16.
~~~ What's Your Business Worth?...Get an business valuation at no cost which will to: Better understand your business and its potential; Ensure your business and family are properly protected; Allow you to properly plan for the future. Bu Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co. has combined with BizEquity--manta@emails.manta.com.

~~~ Health Information Technology Critical in Improving Patient Care in Nursing Homes...They still are not receiving the same level of investment. New research from U of Missouri shows that it needs more to keep up with hospitals. See research report, "Patient Care Can Improve With Technology in Nursing Homes."
--Sheen Rice, Health News Strategist, MU News Bureau, Columbus, MO 652N, or call 573-882-8353. 

~~~ CMS: Plans for the Quality Payment Program in 2017...Pick your pace by Andy Slavitt, Acting CMS Administrator, covers these options: Test the Quality Payment Plans; Participate for part of the calendar year; Participate for the full calendar year; Participate in an Advanced Payment model in 2017--cms.gov/contact page/ 9.9.16.

~~~ Ways to Mess Up Your Insurance Business...Fail to heed these warnings and businesses will suffer without you even breaking a sweat...Bury your head in the sand; Ignoring details; Small Thinking; Poor planning; Data blindness; Failure to adapt to customer behavior; A confusing culture; Failure to educate customers; Misunderstanding behavior--lifehealthpro.com/2016/9/08 + headlines =57d1568150ba0fa72e35662&utm.

~~~ HealthTechInsider Articles...Four new stories highlights of the week include: Flexible ICs Using roll-to-roll fabrication (video); Medtronic iPad 2 gets FDA approval in U.S.; iPads effective as sedatives for children prior to anesthesia; October Autonomous robot is soft (video)--Free subscription available: HealthTechInsider.com.


~~~ Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create Ultimate Professional Website...In addition, article focuses on key issues in branding and marketing to guarantee that your site is effective as well as beautiful--wix.com + headline /158036221.

~~~ New FDA Regulations Allow Dermatologists to Customize Patient Prescriptions...Created by Prescribe's Choice CEO Dr. Spencer Malkin who is working with doctors to use customized prescriptions for their patients to be dispensed at the time of an office visit--Learn more: prescribersChoice.com/9.7.16.

~~~ CMS Blog: Round One State Innovation Model Initiative Test Awards...Shows some promising progress and lessons learned. State Innovation Models supported in 38 states--blog.cms.gov/2016/09.07/round-one-state-innovation-model.

~~~  ICD10 Watch Recent Blogs...Clinical documentations key to more than ICD-10 coding skills; Codes are not the only updates on October 1; How specified can codes be?--news@ICD10watch.com / 9.7.16.

~~~ Headlines From Recent Manta Small Business Trends Post...How to Use Instagrams New business features; Boost your local search ranking; Pocket guide: Online Business Listings; Great ways to boost your local search ranging--mantasmallbusinesstrends.com.

~~~  CMS Recent Headlines Article on Medicare Evidence Developed & Coverage Advisory Committes Medicare Meetings...Alzheimer's drug study gives tantalizing results; The retirement health care tab: $260,000; Baby boomers are taking on ageism and losing; Emotional stages of retirement: Where are your clients?: Fewer dementia patients in nursing homes get feeding tubes; More startups are targeting baby boomers--CSA.com (Society of Certified Advisors) 9.7.16.

~~~ Leveraging the Cloud Enterprise Imaging Strategy...This whitepaper explores: Clouds Scalability and accessability; stronger continuous data security; How much more cost-efficient than traditional data center--HIMSS Healthcare IT News.com.

~~~ CMS Proposes New Standards to Strengthen the Marketplace for 2018...Proposes additional steps to strengthen the Health Insurance Marketplace that promises affordable, quality health coverage can be provided to everyone who needs it--s3amazonaws.com, or see federalregister.gov/2016-20896.pdf.

~~~  New Custom Wound Shield...Protects injuries in five minutes. "USplint" ideal for professional first aid kits, medical, dental and even veterinary applications--send2press + heeadline/9.8.16 or USplint.com.


~~~ Things Sales Professionals Should Never Do...Allow a prospect to lead the sales process; Neglect pre-meeting research; Talk too much during the sales interaction; Provide irrelevant information; Not prepare for their pitch; Fail to ask for the sale--lifehealthpro/2016.9.04 + head/09042016t=annuitysale (plus other articles).

~~~  Featured White Papers...Best practices and new technology for marketing professionals: Rules to Deliver Product Content That Sells; Get With the Flow-How Payment Processing Affects Cash Flow; Why a Unified Commerce Program is a MUST for Business Growth--new@multichannelmerhant/9.2.16.

~~~ How to Find the Best Search Keywords for Your Google Ads...Helps with your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign. Here are some tips and tools to help using Adwords in an article by Brooke Preston--manta.com/resources/20160904/8.22.16.

~~~ Webinar: Medicare Open Enrollment 2016 Boot Camp---Held Sept. 8, 2016, 1pm ET-3pm. For all CMS partners and stakeholders who help people with Medicare make health care choices--To register, gotowebcasts.com/starthere.jsp?ei=11143. Hosted by the CMS National Training Program.

~~~ Facebook Marketing  is Only 1% Finished...Recent announcement of yet another algorithm change came as a small surprise. Read this article to see what's going on with Facebook--manta.com article by Kathy McConnell/8.17.16.

~~~  Webcast: How Self-Service, Online Tools Provide An Experience...As advisors and benefit professionals, selecting a provider that can help create a positive experience is critical.  Join this webcast on Thursday, Sept. 15,2016, 2pm ET to learn more about it--lifehealthpro.com or email: webcasts@almco. Sponsored by eyemed is Dr. John Lakr, VP Provider Relations, EyeMed.

~~~ 2017 Medicare Electronic Health Record (EHR) Incentive Program Adjustment for Hospitals...An article that describes this part of the American Recovery & Retirement Act of 2009 in which Congress established payment adjustments under Medicare for eligible hospitals that are not meaningful users of Certified Electronic Health Record Technology--CMS.gov/regulationstipsheet, or EHR Incentive Programs Website/9.2.16.

~~~  Tip Breaks Every Business Owner Should Know About...Interest deductions on loans; Business Mileage deduction; Cell phone and depreciation; Business startup costs; SHOP tax breaks--manta.com/resources + head/26461/ article by
Lon Murray/8.31.16. 


~~~ CMS Coverage E-Mail Updates...National Coverage Analysis (Gender Dysphoria & Gender Reassignment Surgery (Posted final decision memo); Coverage with Evidence Development (Percutaneous left atrial appendage closure; Medicare-Approved Facilities/Trials/Registrates added new facilities)...cms.com/contact us page/ 8.30.16.

~~~ Webcast: How to drive sales from multi-device shoppers...Held Tuesday, 9/6 @ 2pm EST. 30 minutes sponsored by BigCommerce; will address conversion strategies for engaging shoppers across multiple devices to ensure your commercial visitors have a constant experience regardless of device that leads to sales--practicalecommerce.com/webinar.

~~~ Can't Get a Loan?...Look for a lender that works with owners like you, especially if you've get a bang-up business going, healthy credit, and you've got all your paperwork in order--Article by Brooke Preston, manta.com/8.5.16.
~~~ The Do's & Don'ts of Asking for Customer Reviews...Online review help build your company's reputation. Here's help to convince busy consumers to take time to write one--manta.com/resources + headline, by Ivy Lamb.

~~~  Webinar: CMS  National Training Program Monthly Partner Update...To be held Tuesday, 9/6/16, 2:30-3:30pm ET. Will feature a presentation on identifying and notifying consumers who are dually enrolled in Federal Marketplace coverage Medicare--meetings.cms.gov.orion/joinmeeting.do?

~~~ How Valuable Are Your Twitter Followers?...It can be difficult to determine what return you're getting on the investment. Article of new report from "2016 Consumer Insights" as a whitepaper--manta.com / Brooke Preston, 8.31.16.
~~~ Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum...Held Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 14 & 15, in Boston, MA; sponsorship now open; see reasons to sponsor in this article. Will gain valuable insight from Aetna, Geisinger, MIT, Mount Sinai, UNC and others--bigdatakitforum.com/sponsors contact marytaylor@himssmedia.com, 8.31.16.

~~~ Building Your eCommerce Marketing Strategy...Your customers need to know you're going to make it to the ig leagues. Here's some suggestions: Make sure you're visible; Get on social media Start a blog; Get them excited to buy; Advertise online; E-mail marketing; Optimize--wix.com/blog/8.31.16.

~~~  Falls Prevention Awareness Day Is For You Too...Comes on Sept. 22. The event raises awareness about how to prevent fall-related injuries among older adults. Theme this year is "Ready, Steady, Balance: Prevent Falls in 2016". --ncoa.org/healthy-aging-AWU082016.


~~~ ICD-10 Assessment & Maintenance Toolkit for Providers...CMS helps you maintain your ICD-10 progress with this in-depth toolkit. Available as an infographic with fact sheet on KPIs--CMS ICD-10 Website. cms.gov/ICD10.

~~~ Rebranding Aging Is Critical to the Industry...So says Lynne Katzman, and requires a focus on a mission of anti-ageism. Industry personnel need to learn what it's all about--See article : Junipercommunities.com or call 973-980-0100 (Of interest to stockholders, resident families, employee associates and investors) 8.07.16.

~~~ CMS Releases New Prescription Drug Cost Data...Second annual release provides clearer look in Medicare Part D costs and services that  show which prescription drugs were prescribed to Medicare Part D enrollees by physicians and other health care professionals. Valuable to patients, researchers and providers--CMS.gov/newsroom, or call 205-690-6145 for more info.

~~~ Facebook Strategies To Grow Your Business...An article of four methods you need to include in your advertising paid traffic, especially if you know your local market--digitalmrketer.com by Molly Pittman, 8.26.16.

~~~ Make STEADI Part of Your Medical Practice...Help your patients learn how to reduce their chances of falling. "Stopping Elderly Accidents, Death and Injuries" materials are available for your patients--CDC/steadi/index.html.

~~~ How Payment Processing Affects Cash Flow...It's considered the lubricant of business. It also involves credit cards and other such no-cash payments that affect cash flow. Check out this special guide--multichannelmerchant.com (Qualpay white paper).

~~~ Feds May Ban Agents from Selling Medicare Long-Term Care Plans...CMS ut the proposal ban on agent involvement in a new set of draft regulations--lifehealthpro.com article by Allison Bell, 8.26.16.

~~~ Will Trump's or Clinton's Tax Plan Help Your Business?...It's the chief concern of small business owners--Article by Kitty McConnell, manta.com, 8,26.16.

~~~ Largest Marketing Conference, "Traffic & Conversion Summit"...Conducted by Inc. Magazine at it's eighth annual project, is offering discount tickets up to 65% off for a limited time from its normal price of $1,995 per ticket to $695. Covers what's hot and what's working right now in Digital Marketing and telling you how to apply it to a growing business. Held March 10-12, 2017 in San Diego, CA. --on.inc.com/2eVoW.

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